Corpina's Essential List of Nootropics (new: 2017)

Corpina’s Essential List of Nootropics for 2018

beast modeOkay, so… you’ve heard of these things called nootropics that can supposedly rock your socks off and put you into an extended intellectual beast mode.

But, like most people, you don’t have a clue where to begin the search for perennial enlightenment.

Right here of course! 🙂

I will give you all the knowledge you need to get out there and be at your best.

Before you know it, you’ll be mixing different nootropics into stacks and formulating your own custom super powered combinations to suit your needs like a brain hacker.

Sound interesting? Let’s go.

Getting Started

I’ve put all these powerful smart drugs together to show you what you’re actually missing out on if you haven’t tried nootropics before.

Some of their benefits might seems like straight out of a fairy tale, but I assure you we are still grounded right here in reality. Pinch yourself during regular intervals, that ought to help.

1. Modafinil

One of the first ever ‘smart’ drugs, Modafinil was earlier only prescribed for people who had problems of sleepiness during scheduled shift hours and was thought of as just another wakefulness drug.

But later people have discovered its ability to augment their mental faculties to handle daily tasks and work towards their goals without loss of enthusiasm or committing errors.

Modafinil is used to treat a variety of sleep deprivation and shift sleep disorders.

Taken in correct doses, it has been proven to increase focus and concentration in healthy individuals.

People who deal with heavy logical workloads like students and scientists use Modafinil to give them the edge and to help them stay awake and not feel sleep deprived.

You can get it online from Duckdose.

2. Huperzine A

buyhuperzineaExtracted from Chinese moss, Huperzine is a cognitive enabler which reduces brain aging due to stress and other factors. It is mostly sold in highly purified form to get maximum effect.

Huperzine works by increasing Acetylcholine levels in the brain, which improves memory and attention.

It enables better contraction of muscles and hence physical activity becomes less strenuous.

Huperzine A also increases neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to adapt and learn on the fly making gaining knowledge under any circumstances easy and painless.

3. Vinpocetine

This is an extract from a type of periwinkle plant which has numerous benefits that can help kick start your head when you feel down.

It improves intracranial blood flow, preventing Alzheimer’s Disease or at least delaying further degeneration in some cases.

Vinpocetine also acts like a shield for neural cells against several types of injuries.

Considerable research has gone into this supplement to make it more effective. It has gone through double-blind clinical studies which is literally the gold standard for establishing drug safety and effectiveness.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is the resultant extract from Ginkgo tree leaves. It promotes circulation to the brain and acts as an effective antioxidant.

Several studies have shown ginkgo boosts memory and cognitive speed patterns, while some people even show recovery from memory problems caused by Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s a naturally occurring herb and so has no significant side effects. It cures a wide range of ailments. The trees themselves are more than are 270 million years old and their medicinal properties have known thousands of years ago.

5. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is an herb that is found in the Indian subcontinent also known as water hyssop. It possesses nootropic qualities which stimulate the brain’s cognition centers while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety.

Clinical tests of this herb included double-blind placebo controlled procedures. So there was absolutely no chance of results being skewed. It had significant positive effects like improved memory retention and calmness in a group of people.

6. Noopept

Derived from the racetam family of nootropics, Noopept has a lot of similarities to Piracetam. Like Piracetam, it provides a cognitive boost after consumption.

But it’s quite a bit stronger… Like 1000 times stronger. Noopept has a low standard dose (10-30mg) compared to the majority of nootropics and it provides protection from neuro-degenerative effects.

This protection is activated during various states of neural traumas, including oxidative stress and physical trauma. It achieves this by increasing levels of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neutrophic Factor (BDNF) and

7. Oxiracetam

It belongs to the nootropic family of racetams. Oxiracetam provides a significant boost in cognition and reasoning along with significant decrease in cognitive decline. This is also slightly more potent than its cousin Piracetam.

Well-known for giving you the ability to get through the most tedious of calculus problems, Oxiracetam has got your covered if you happen to be dealing with complex arithmetic problems every day.

It’s a balanced nootropic drug that gives you a boost in energy levels, solving problems which require logical reasoning, along with a bump up in cognition.

8. Phenylpiracetam

You can make out from the name that this could be a derivative of Piracetam and indeed it is.

Enhanced from its parent drug, Phenylpiracetam is about 60 times stronger than its predecessor.

Usually taken for sleep deprivation like all nootropics in general, this supplement has almost the same benefits as piracetam. The only difference being in the dosage levels, this needing much less than the other one.

9. Pramiracetam

Also another one from the racetam family, although not very well researched, it shows significant anti-amnesiac properties when subjected to clinical tests.

Evidence on Pramiracetam seems to suggest benefits to long-term memory formation with consistent, controlled dosage. It has a very short half-life, appearing to be effective only for up to 2 hours.


These are the more popular types of nootropic drugs currently available on the market.

You might find a few other lesser known varieties also work for you. The key is to do a thorough research before you try it for yourself.

And always remember to consult your doctor and let them know exactly what you are going to do before getting yourself in trouble with wrong dosages or incompatible drugs.

Until then, keep nooting!

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