Can You Get High on Valerian Root?

Valerian root is the root of a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia. There are many casual and informal claims on the internet that valerian root can make you “high”.

However, these statements are rather weak and unfounded due to the fact that historically, valerian root has only ever been recorded as causing subtle calming and relaxation effects, and has never been known to alter moods in extreme ways.

How Does Valerian Root Work?


People tend to think that valerian root will get you high because of how it actually works. Scientists believe that valerian root causes relaxation because of its interaction with a chemical in your brain called Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, or more commonly known as GABA.

GABA has the ability to lower stress hormones, as well as influence serotonin. So, in theory, the more GABA you have in your brain, the more relaxed and stress free you will be. This is the logic that is often used when one is trying to get a high off of valerian root.

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Theoretically, this could make sense, however it is not the case. You have to be careful with both valerian root as well as GABA, because having too much of either will not in fact get you high, but will likely produce some very undesirable side effects.

Large amounts of GABA can cause extreme levels of sedation, which can be dangerous if you need to be driving or operating any sort of heavy machinery. It can also inhibit your ability to go about your day properly.

Too much GABA can also cause a loss of fine movement control, as well as severe depression of the central nervous system activity. Sounds a little bit like getting drunk, doesn’t it?

This is because GABA is most famous for also being the chemical which is can be found in alcohol. Many have also reported experiencing something similar to a hangover the day after consuming a large amount of valerian root.

You shouldn’t experience any problems or negative side effects if you simply want to use some valerian root once in a while to help you sleep. It is completely safe when used as intended or as prescribed. This aids in relaxation and quickly falling asleep, as well as achieving a good quality and restful night’s sleep.

What Does Valerian Root Feel Like?

Should you attempt to get a recreational type of high by using valerian root, there are a whole host of other issues you will likely run into.

Large doses of valerian root on its own can cause a loss of both motor and inhibition control. Extremely large doses and/or extended misuse of the root can cause hypersensitivity, nausea, vomiting, and in some rare cases, liver damage. Milder side effects can be an upset stomach or a headache.

It is typically not recommended to use valerian root in any sort of recreational way, as the side effects will likely be unpleasant and uncomfortable. While the side effects are not terribly harmful in most cases, the real concern is the number of other substances and drugs that valerian root will interact with, a lot of them being quite harmful. If you are going to take large amounts of valerian root, and/or you wish to take it regularly for an extended period of time, it would be smart to speak with your doctor first, especially if you are on any other medications.

You should pay special attention to other sedatives, whether prescribed or not. Because valerian root has a calming and restful effect, adding this to another dru