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Is Adrafinil Safe For Regular, Everyday Use?

If you’re thinking about adding Adrafinil to your daily stack, you’re probably wondering: is Adrafinil safe for everyday use? In this article, I’ll take a look at what Adrafinil can do for you, and what it can do to you when you use it every day. Though Modafinil is likely safe and effective to retain […]

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How To Switch From Adderall To Adrafinil?

Are you currently taking Adderall but wondering how to switch from Adderall to Adrafinil?   As someone who has been on both, I can see why people would be concerned about switching from one to the other.   There are a few tricks to successfully transferring from one nootropic to the other, but first, we […]

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Is it Possible to Get High on Zoloft?

Oh, Zoloft. You’ve probably heard about this drug due to some of the negative attention it’s received. It’s been accused of causing birth defects, killing user’s sex-drives, and generally wrecking people’s lives. Beneath the bad press, though, there’s a prescription drug that has provided some genuine benefit for some if its users. The SSRI (selective […]

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How Does Noopept Affect Short-Term Memory?

Noopept is a popular nootropic that people take to improve their short-term memory, focus, learning speed, and memory retention, all for a low price with few side effects. Most people have heard of Noopept and perhaps been curious to try it, but how does Noopept work? What are the molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for […]

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How Long Does it Take Noopept to Start Working?

Take a new nootropic can be a bit daunting. How do you know that you’ve taken the right amount? Did you get a bad batch? How long does it take for Noopept to kick in? Will this nootropic work with my stack, or against it? Noopept is no exception to these anxieties, and if you’re interested […]

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Is it Possible to Buy Modafinil in Mexico OTC? Yep, it Sure is.

Modafinil is one of those compounds that makes most readers step back the moment they first hear about it. Not because there’s anything particularly shady about the substance, or that it’s particularly harmful, but because the claims regarding some of its positive effects border on extraordinary. Developed for the treatment of narcolepsy and other conditions […]

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What’s It’s Like to Combine Noopept and MDMA?

Everyone’s got a little curiosity about what it would be like to combine certain nootropics with other psychoactive substances, and MDMA is no exception.   Noopept is an effective over the counter nootropic which improves learning and memory while reducing anxiety and repairing some forms of brain damage.   Given that Noopept is often used […]

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Paroxetine High? Not Likely

Have you heard of Paroxetine before? No? How about Paxil? Starting to ring some bells now, I suspect. It’s a well-known antidepressant of the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) variety. You probably know how recreational drug enthusiasts feel about antidepressants. Anywhere there’s mood enhancement; there’s a possibility the drug could be used to help provide a […]

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