Tianeptine is a known antidepressant agent. The compound, sold under several brand names, is already used to treat depression in a number of countries worldwide.

It is potent, which is probably why it has developed a growing following of users who take it for off-label recreational and nootropic purposes.

For these otherwise healthy individuals, Tianeptine is supposed to provide a potent mood boost, but is freewheeling with what could be a selective Serotonin reuptake enhancers (SSREs) a wise idea?

What is Tianeptine

As mentioned, Tianeptine is thought to be a selective Serotonin reuptake enhancer. There is some evidence, however, to suggest that Tianeptine has no effects on serotonin levels unless taken with other select compounds, suggesting that it’s mechanism of action could be different than previously surmised.

What is known about Tianeptine, though, is that it is a potent antidepressant that also displays anti-anxiety abilities and neuroprotective properties. This means that it might also be useful in treating disorders related to cognitive decline and counteract cognitive deficits in attention, memory, problem-solving, etc.

Tianeptine is a curious case for researchers, as its method of action brings into question the traditional monoamine hypothesis of depression, in which it is believed that the major influencers of motivation and mood are the select neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. According to this primer:

“Converging lines of evidences demonstrate actions of tianeptine on the glutamatergic system, and therefore offer new insights into how tianeptine may be useful in the treatment of depressive disorders.”

More research will be required to determine precisely how Tianeptine fits into the grander scheme of things and further study may shine more light on the complex nature of depressive disorders.

Tianeptine was developed by French researchers in the 1980s and is currently a prescription drug in many parts of the Europe and Asia. In the United States, Tianeptine is not regulated by the FDA as there is a lack of interest from pharmaceutical companies. This means the drug is unscheduled and you can purchase it directly from vendors online.

Other Names

Tianeptine is also referred to by its specific brand names: Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol, Tianeurax, and Salymbra.