Everyone is talking about Pterostilbene, the potent antioxidant that has been making headlines as an anti-aging supplement, with Pterostilbene-based formulas going for as much as $50 a bottle.

They want to know: what is this new anti-aging supplement and what makes it so powerful?

Pterostilbene is dimethylated derivative of resveratrol, a phenol in the stilbenoid family. For those of you who don’t already know, stilbenoids are hydroxylated derivatives of stilbene.

Stilbene is not, as its name would suggest, a lazy lentil, rather it is one of two stereoisomers.

If you’re a science major, you probably already know that stereoisomers are not guys with fetishes for sound systems, rather they are isomeric molecules that share the same molecular formula and sequence of binding atoms.

Pterostilbene is a dietary supplement that is still being researched to this day to determine its exact biological effects.

Trials are underway to see if Pterostilbene would be advantageous to those suffering from age-related neurological disorders. One such study examined its antioxidant activity and found that it exerted a vast array of effects on multiple systems in the body.

But that is just one piece of the proverbial puzzle where this protective pill is concerned. Below you will discover the full extent to which Pterostilbene may be beneficial to human health.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Pterostilbene has been shown to promote healthy blood sugar. In a twelve-week study that used ninety-seven adult participants, 67% of those patients came a3>way with ideal glucose levels.


Trans-pterostilbene is not the Kaitlyn Jenner of stilbenes, rather it is the Bruce Jenner of bioactive chemicals, supporting health and endurance and alleviating irritation.

It helps you stay fit by serving as a caloric restriction mimetic, enabling the body to release adiponectin, something which is key to the healing process. There is much speculation about Pterostilbene’s ability to help users live longer by drastically depleting cognitive and cellular stress levels.

Heart & Muscle Protection

Pterostilbene inhibits blood reperfusion damages by enabling a specific pathway that is part of our body’s injury res