Noopept Review: Side Effects, Dosage and Beginner's Guide

Noopept Review: Side Effects, Dosage and Beginner’s Guide

Ok let’s cut the BS.

Noopept is my favorite nootropic, hands down.

Sure, it doesn’t have the same kick as caffeine or Modafinil.

But it’s incredibly cheap, given the small dose needed to get the maximum effects.

That and, its effects are quite lovely.

Before I dive into each one, let’s take a step back and see how this wonderful little nootropic powder came into existence…

What Is Noopept? A Brief History

Noopept is a nootropic supplement originally discovered in Russia, where it was promoted as a smart drug and cognitive enhancer.

It is derived from the racetam family of drugs and shares similar mechanisms of action, but is between 100 to 1000 times more potent than the prototypical racetam drug, piracetam.

Studies have shown Noopept to be neuroprotective and memory-enhancing in various tests.

Unusually for a peptide-derived compound, Noopept displays both high oral bioavailability and good blood–brain barrier penetration in rats and human studies have shown promising results, with potential application in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Noopept also helps grow new brain cells. Yeah, pretty f**king sweet.

It stimulates the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat hippocampus, the result of which is associated with reduction and prevention of neuronal degeneration.

The release of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) helps keep our neurons healthy and alive, as well as strengthening the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.

Noopept stimulates the AMPA and NMDA receptors and their pathways, both of these receptors are glutamatergic receptors which play roles in memory and thought processes.

This little nootropic also lowers anxiety by interacting with Dopamine receptors D2 and D3 as well as nicotinic ACh receptors. Noopept also has both an anti-inflammatory benefit, as well as generate antioxidant advantages. 

Noopept Side Effects: Using It Safely

By the registered manufactures of Noopept, the substance has been deemed safe in clinical trials. Their drug studies have shown it to be effective and low in toxicity at the recommended dosages.

There is limited data to suggest dangerous overdoses can occur however, it is a very potent compound and needs to be treated with care. The likelihood of overdose, whether it be life threatening or not, is higher than most racetams.

Overdose will likely lead to unpleasant side effects like headaches, irritability, etc. Below are some of the common side effects of Noopept that are likely to occur at higher dosages.

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal Problems

These side effects are likely to vary.

Always consult a doctor before using Noopept, especially when using other medications or supplements.

At this time, there are no records of dangerous drug interactions or side effects with Noopept; however, this does not mean they cannot or will not occur.

Tolerance and withdrawal with Noopept is not serious and should not be a concern. In fact, some animal studies (and anecdotal human reports) have suggested a “snowballing” effect where the beneficial effects of Noopept increase overtime.

This does not mean that this is repeated in the human model or that tolerance cannot occur. There does not seem to be a serious physical dependence problem with Noopept and tolerance is most likely to result in loss of beneficial effects that can be eliminated with cycling.

Noopept Effects: How It Works

Noopept is famously quoted as being “1000 times stronger than Piracetam”. This is a true statement in terms of potency because Noopept gets metabolized much more efficiently than the racetam family.

This means a much lower dosage is needed to get desired results from the drug. This requires one to be much more careful with their dosing practices.

Noopept’s method of action is similar to the other racetams. Noopept works on the AMPA and NDMA receptor sites and their pathways of function.

It also has an affinity with the Acetylcholine system and the ACh receptor sites. Both of these factors contribute to Noopept’s array of nootropic benefits.

1. Lowers anxiety

Like Aniracetam, Noopept seems to lower anxiety.

This is not a guaranteed result and seems to vary widely between subjects. And as with Aniracetam, Noopept seems stimulate Dopamine receptor sites (D2 and D3) as well as the ACh nicotinic receptor sites.

2. Boosts mood and memory

Noopept also seems to stimulate certain Serotonin receptors and this may also lead to mood boosting qualities.

Noopept is being investigated as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s. It is believed by some that it may work beyond the areas of increasing cognition and memory.

In lab rats NGF (nerve-growth factor) was increased after administration. This reflects some promise in repairing damaged cells and receptor sites that are commonly seem in Alzheimer’s patients. Human research is ongoing.

Does Noopept “Work” as a Nootropic?

Noopept is often promoted as a natural method of improving cognitive functions.

There have been clinical studies suggesting that Noopept may increase memory recall and retention, repair or improve neuron growth in the hippocampus, and have anti-anxiety benefits.

When it comes to improving cognitive abilities, there are still many variables, and these have to be looked at.

As a result, it is very hard to determine just how effective Noopept would be for a specific person.

It all comes down to their own needs and current cognitive ability as well as lifestyle choices.

Noopept’s Positive Effects and Benefits

Noopept has many positive effects that will make the day-to-day grind of life much easier and manageable.

Life as you know it is a constant challenge that, at times, may seem hard to get through. People turn to harmful alternatives like cigarettes, pills, and caffeine to relieve stress.

However, Noopept is a much safer way to relieve stress. It has the added benefit of giving your brain a much needed boost to start a new day in life. Noopept’s effects do not cause physical harm in the same way that drugs and alcohol do, as long as you follow simple directions of dosage.

  • Better Overall Cognitive Performance
  • Increased Learning Ability
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Improved Reflexes & Perception
  • Advanced Logical Thinking
  • Improved Mood (Reduced Anxiety & Depression Symptoms)

Noopept Dosage: How Much To Take

The right Noopept dosage is typically around 10-30 milligrams.

10 – 30 milligrams

How much you should take within that range solely depends on a number of characteristics:

First, you must take into account how much you weigh. If you weigh less than 140lbs, then I recommend you take only 10mg. If you fall in between 140-200 pounds then I suggest you to take 20mg. For those of you that are over 200lbs then take 30mg. All these figures are per day dosage figures.

Second, noopept is non-toxic and is very safe to take because of its extremely low doses. You will not experience any negative side effects if you stick to your normal amount of 10-30mg.

However, if you go beyond 30mg then you might suffer from some side effects.

What does Noopept feel like?

Casual users have also reported a mild euphoria — not “euphoric” in the sense of feeling a rush of energy, but rather more alert and open to their surroundings.

This Longecity post nails the feeling:

For the sake of relation, the effects are somewhat like a low dose ecstasy. Anxiety wafts away. Sensory information is much more clearer. Socializing comes easier.

The world becomes a bit more beautiful. However, it doesn’t have the euphoric properties of ecstasy. I find that it barely alters mood, besides making one more calmer and content.

Patients often feel that they also feel like they have a higher self-esteem when they take noopept.

They realized they can complete their daily tasks much more easily than before. Furthermore, verbal communication is also much easier for them due to the increase of self-esteem.

Too much Noopept can be a bad thing

Some people think that taking a higher dose will help them more. That is definitely not the case, as anyone who’s taken megadoses of noopept can attest. Once you get into the 100mg range, an uncomfortable pressure headache sets in.

In fact, I have a colleague who tried to take multiple 100mg doses in a day. Normally, you will have to take 3 doses a day. Therefore, the first two doses went pretty good for him.

However, the third dose began to affect him in a way where he became very emotionless. (we called him “The Nootrobot” at work.”)

The most common side effect that people are experiencing from Noopept is drowsiness. That may not seem like a harmful side effect but there is more.

Other side effects include irritation of whole body, sedation, emotional numbness and in worst cases even death.

Be very careful and always stick to your preferred dosages.

What should you do if you took a high dose of Noopept?

If you’ve been taking high doses of noopept, quickly find a quiet, relaxing space and drink lots of water. If symptoms start to go downhill, it’s never too late to see a doctor so don’t hesitate and go right away.

The longer you wait then the worst may happen to you. You don’t want to suffer horrible consequences that can be solved if you seek for help.

Noopept is a nootropic that is 100% safe to use if you follow the right noopept dosages. It’s a strong substance that will enhance your brainpower to further limits!

However, too much of it at a time will lead to serious problems that you definitely don’t want to experience. Always stick to your own dosages depending on how much you weigh.

If you take too much, then immediately seek help from a doctor because it will help prevent any further serious side effects.

I once took about 200mg of noopept and felt fine. I had a mild pressure headache, but it wasn’t unpleasant. As with all nootropics, YMMV.

Noopept Experiences/User Reports

A Redditor’s Noopept Experience

A Redditor decided to try noopept and shared the experience on r/nootropics. The Redditor had been using Noopept for year prior to the experiment, and reported zero negative side effects when taking 10-30 milligrams of the smart drug three times a day.

He never took more than 3 times a day or take over 30 milligrams at a time. The result: it definitely helped him stay focused and motivated to start work each and every day since he works 6 days a week at the office. He feels energized in the morning and no longer needs to rely on caffeine.

The first time he took noopept, he got exactly the results he wanted: clear-headed, sharp, and focused.

Takeaway: Severe Diminishing Returns

After that, he could get the same result only ~10% of the time, with the other 90% being brain fog and a complete lack of focus. He started with 10mg twice a day and then experimented down to 8mg and up to 15.

My personal note: I believe this is somewhat of an extreme case, but I can related to the Redditor’s experience. I have dosed > 80mg of noopept for weeks with little effect; however, it absolutely does have diminishing returns if used consistently for more than a month.

Gwern Branwen’s Self-Quantification

Related to the famous -racetams but reportedly better (and much less bulky), noopept is one of the many obscure Russian nootropics. (Further reading: Google

Its advantages seem to be that it’s far more compact than piracetam and doesn’t taste awful, so it’s easier to store and consume; doesn’t have the cloud hanging over it that piracetam does due to the FDA letters, so it’s easy to purchase through normal channels; is cheap on a per-dose basis; and it has fans claiming it is better than piracetam.

A Redditor ordered some Russian brand noopept, but finding it was unpleasant & not working for him, gave the left-over half to Gwern.

He took 2 of the 25 10mg pills on successive days on top of my usual caffeine+piracetam stack, and didn’t notice anything; in particular, he didn’t find it unpleasant like the Redditor did.

Noopept Stacking

Noopept appears to be safe to stack with other racetams or nootropics.

There are limited reports of serious drug interactions but due diligence is advised when combining substances and is done at the risk of the user.

Common stacks with noopept are with a choline source like, Alpha GPC as this can often help relieve common side effects.

Other racetam combinations are also common, but noopept is usually taken alone; it’s strong enough by itself and relatively expensive compared to the racetams.

My Personal Noopept Powder Comparison

It may be challenge to find the right noopept powder that is suitable for you.

Since there are so many different kinds available on internet, an immediate decision isn’t possible. Noopept is such a powerful substance so you must be very careful to find the right one for you.

Therefore, to make things easier for you, I will provide in full detail a comparison of two commonly used noopept powders. Furthermore, I will list how they are different as well. Nonetheless, I hope that you in the end will reach a decision upon the choosing the right noopept for you.

The Two Noopept Powders that I will compare and contrast:

How are they similar?

First and foremost, these two products are similar in terms of the functions of a Noopept powder.

They both promise that it will enhance your memory. If you can’t recall some things that happened recently then these are great options to help polish your memory.

Furthermore, both powders are currently known as a potential treatment to the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease. As of now, there is not treatment for this horrible disease.

But it is known that may prevent that disease from occurring if you keep your brain strong and healthy.

Both powders will improve your concentration. Working over 40 hours a week especially if you are doing a lot of manual labor is stressful. Sooner or later, you will begin to experience a loss of concentration due to the lack of sleep or rest.

Thankfully, these powders will keep you concentrated and focused to motivate you to continue to work hard to get the job done.

Lastly, both powders are known to keep your brain healthy and functioning properly. The last thing you’ll need an unhealthy brain. The brain is your most vital part of your human body. An unhealthy brain will lead to many diseases like Alzheimer’s like I mentioned before. So these powders are an essential option to keep your brain healthy.

How are they different?

The first difference between these two products is the price. The Noopept powder from Absorb Your Health is affordably priced at $20 for 10g, whereas the powder from Powder City is only $12.25 for 10g.

Note: Powder City’s low price is not reflective of their quality. As many users on r/nootropics have noted in the past few months (as of May 2016), they have excellent quality and customer service.

Final note: how to measure Noopept doses

If you have decided on a specific noopept powder, it is extremely important you know how to measure your own dosage. I strongly recommending investing in a quality scale to measure efficient doses. I use Norpro 3080 Mini Measuring Spoons as well.

Depending on your weight, dosages should be around 10-30mg. Anything over 200mg will have side effects that may be harmful such as irritation of your whole body and sedation.

Closing thoughts

Noopept is an excellent little nootropic. It works well, has few side effects, is tasteless and odorless, and tolerance builds slowly.

Further, there’s no “withdrawal”, making it a superior option to mild stimulants like Modafinil and anxiolytics like Phenibut.

I personally take noopept very rarely, but it’s nice to have on hand when your work calls for an extra boost of creative energy. 

Good luck, and as always, keep nooting! 🙂

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Zay - June 23, 2016

Great read! I’ll be starting a noopept stack soon, so this was somewhat helpful. I have read that quite a few people who have had some bad experiences with noopept so I’ll definitely be measuring my dosages as well as tracking my results.

Sarah - October 10, 2016


I tried Noopept and got nothing in the results area. I got a scale from Powder City and also purchase 1 gram of Noopept to try it out. I have never been so disappointed. Does this stuff just not do anything at all? I tried the lowest dose for a week since I’m an average size woman.

Thanks for the article. I do appreciate your reviews and advice for first timers.


    Sar - October 10, 2016

    That’s odd… I almost always get a response from Noopept, whether it be low or high doses.

    Did you take it orally? It could be that the dose is so low that it got diluted by food or something else in your stomach. I *always* take it sublingually (or very occasionally, insufflated up the nose). That could be the difference.


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