Fasoracetam is a fairly new addition to the racetam family.

Many first hand reports from people taking Fasoracetam suggest that it strongly helps with focus and concentration.

It is also said to be one of the leaders in memory protection.

Even though Fasoracetam may seem like a baby to the rest of the racetam family, its future is looking bright. In fact, it is currently undergoing phase 11/111 of clinical trials for ADHD.

What is Fasoracetam?

The synthetic smart drug, Fasoracetam, is one of the newest of its kind on the market today.

Although there is limited testing of this racetam, it’s definitely one to watch. Claims suggest that this supplement has loads of benefits besides the touted focus and neuroprotection.

Many clinical trials still need to be done to determine if it’s benefits are as good as they claim. However, there are plenty of people who swear by Fasoracetam’s ability for both concentration and memory retention.

It seems that Fasoracetam will be a great alternative to other prescription drugs on the market for both the young and old. If the claims of this super drug are even half true, it can help both youths battle ADHD and older generations with age-related memory loss such as Alzheimer’s.

Because it is so new to the market, if you want to give Fasoracetam a try, you are going to have to search it out. Fasoracetam is popping up on many reputable online sources.

However, it’s not likely that you will find it in a brick and mortar health food store. Fasoracetam has not been approved or regulated by the FDA.

Even with the long road of clinical trials ahead, Fasoracetam is somewhat promising. If you are up for trying something new that will enhance your focus and give you memory protection, this might be a good option.

Other Names for Fasoracetam

While Fasoracetam is the most ordinarily used name for this chemical compound, you should be aware of its less common names also. The following names will be helpful when shopping around for supplements. [1]

  • NS-105
  • prolinepiperidinamide
  • 5-oxo-D-prolinepiperidinamide monohydrate
  • LAM-105
  • NFC-1

Editor’s Note

After completing as much research on this supplement as possible, I wanted to know more.

With little to go on besides online hearsay, I decided to give this super drug a shot. If this is going to be the best new nootropic out there, I’m going to be ahead of the game.

I’ve experienced the effects of many other racetams on the market, so I had something to compare Fasoracetam. Fasoracetam is only a few molecules off from some others in its family, so I wasn’t expecting anything majorly different.

I opted for a mid-dosage 20mg capsule. After my research had found that it should be administered three times a day, this seemed the easiest option. If you’d prefer to have more control over your dosage, a powder might work best for you.

I can see why some people are hooked. Right away, I began to notice an increased level of focus.

Multi-tasking became much easier as well. I wouldn’t say that Fasoracetam uplifted my mood. However, I did feel less anxious both at work and in social situations.

I’ve felt this way with other racetams before on a less intense level. I’m not sure if the dosage was too high in the beginning, but the feeling still holds out even after several months continuing the same dosage.

As far as neuroprotection I am a bit skeptical. After three months of dosing, my memory seems the same. However, I am unaware of its long-term effects.

It will be exciting to see where this nootropic winds up after the completion of its clinical studies.

Fasoracetam Reviews

Because Fasoracetam is newer to the market, it hasn’t quite reached the general population. However, many people in the know are going nuts over it.

Fasoracetam is popping up on all the major nootropics blogs and websites. Many are touting that Fasoracetam is the next big thing.

Take Rob Miller, founder of Supplement Critique for example. He states he felt a ‘wash/ wave of clarity/ calmness seemed to flow through him.’

Meanwhile, supplement forums are exploding with user reviews stating ‘it could cut my stack in half,’ and ‘a game changer for those of us with ADHD.’

Benefits and Effects of Fasoracetam

Whether you are a college student or a retiree, Fasoracetam has some great benefits that may help you. Let’s take a look at the wide range of advantages to choosing this new supplement.

Memory Retention

Fasoracetam works with the chemicals already in your brain such as Acetylcholine and Choline to give you better neuroprotection.

Like many other in the racetam family, Fasoracetam is said to have qualities that assist in memory retention.

After taking this super drug, you may experience a better memory recall and find yourself able to maintain the knowledge that you gather. It also helps reduce the expected loss of mental acuity associated with later years in life.

Mood Enhancement

This highly-regarded super drug can help your mood over time. It is constantly working to up-regulate the GABA (B) receptors. Low GABA (B) receptor functions contribute to symptoms of major depression. [4]

It is suggested that GABA(B) receptor antagonists may represent a new class of antidepressant compounds. (5) This is big news for anyone suffering from anxiety disorders and depression.

Fasoracetam might be for you if you often experience social anxiety or find yourself lagging day to day. Reduce levels of stress while promoting a general feeling of well-being throughout the day.

Concentration and Focus

Fasoracetam works to increase stimulation to your choline levels allowing you to be centered without underlying stimulants. You will be able to focus on the task at hand without the overall feeling of needing to be on the move constantly.

Higher choline levels are also associated with concentration. Users of this super drug can benefit from learning and gained intelligence.

If you are looking for a nootropic that will give your brain a boost and assist in overall better cognitive reaction, Fasoracetam might be for you.

How does Fasoracetam Work?

Fasoracetam works similar to most other racetams in its family. However, this synthetic drug was designed to absorb into your bloodstream quicker.

This racetam also gives your oxygen levels a boost allowing you to begin feeling results within mere minutes.

Like other structurally related nootropics, Fasoracetam works by affecting the production of acetylcholine in your brain.

This is achieved by introducing choline into the system signaling the neurotransmitter to jump into gear.

Acetylcholine is a power agent that is already present in your brain. It is responsible for the formation of memories, attention, mood and logical thinking. [2]

With a boost of these levels, you will see an increase in a plethora of cognitive functions.

Theoretically, this boost in acetylcholine levels will give you a sense of focus combined with a higher level of energy and alertness.

This super drug not only improves production of acetylcholine but it also prevents the body from breaking it down as quickly. With a few tweaks to the molecular level of this synthetic drug, it could mean a longer half-life.

As of now, the half-life of Fasoracetam is around 1-2 hours. Due to this, you will need to take this supplement more often than other similar options.

Recommended Dosage

Because Fasoracetam is a relatively new drug on the market, there has not been an extensive amount of research on proper dosages. However, both users and experts have weighed in with their ideal consumption.

This powerful supplement is stronger than others similar, so it’s recommended to phase up slowly as you go.

Start with between 10-15mg 3x a day and gradually increase your dosage as needed to somewhere between 30-50mg 3x a day. For best results, take Fasoracetam on an empty stomach.

Although you may want to tone down your dosage based on weight, sex does not seem to be determining factor.

A rat based research tested the same amount of Fasoracetam on both male and female (pregnant and non-pregnant) and achieved the same results. [3]

Side Effects

Fasoracetam has limited to no side effects on any scientific record, due to its young age. There are several anecdotal complaints, however. Because of the low half-life of this drug it can quickly give you withdraw like symptoms. Namely, dull headaches.

Other claims that are lesser mentioned include lack of orgasm or lower sex drive.

Some state that taking Fasoracetam caused an upset stomach as well. These assertions are not researched enough to be proven one way or another.

It is not recommended that you stack Fasoracetam with Adderall, Vyvanse, or Ritalin. Doing so may increase your anxiety levels and even potentially cause panic attacks.


While Fasoracetam is fine on its own, you might want to think about stacking it with other nootropics for an even better effect.

Fasoracetam, Coluracetam Stack

Stacking Fasoracetam with coluracetam makes a great stack for several reasons. Pairing these two supplements work well together to increase acetylcholine, creating an optimal feeling for its user.

The Fasoracetam is a perfect GABA-B antagonist giving you the focus you need. Meanwhile, the coluracetam boosts your mood.

Both chemicals are said to aid in neurological disorders, concentration and mood enhancement. You might want to consider this stack if you are looking for an option that will keep you focused and balanced.

  • 1-2x per day
  • 15mg Fasoracetam
  • 10mg Coluracetam

Noopept, Fasoracetam, Choline Stack

This stack is all about focus. The Noopept and Fasoracetam are boosted with the Choline for a energized effect.

A powerful stack that not only helps with cogitative focus but also situational awareness and dexterity without making you jittery.

If you are looking for a stack that will keep you in the game for the long haul, you may want to think about this option.


  • 10mg Noopept
  • 10mg Fasoracetam
  • 500mg Alpha-GPC-Choline


  • 10mg Noopept

Alternatives to Fasoracetam

There were many great nootropics that came before Fasoracetam. Let’s explore some alternative options that proclaim to provide the same benefits of Fasoracetam.

1. Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam has the same parent compound as Fasoracetam, Piracetam. However, an added Phenyl ring was designed to cross blood to brain barriers more quickly. It is said that this super drug is 30-60 times more powerful than its predecessor.

You will feel focused and more like yourself when you take Phenylpiracetam. While cognitive functions do seem increased with this supplement, it doesn’t work as well for mood enhancement. U

nlike Fasoracetam, this supplement acts as a stimulant as well.

  • Overall Rating: 4.8
  • Price: $
  • Dosage: 100-200mg, 1x per day
  • Pro: Works strong and fast
  • Con: Can leave you feeling jittery

You might want to think about this alternative if you are looking for something that will work fast and also has qualities of a stimulant.

2. Noopept

Noopept is regarded as one of the strongest nootropics on the market today. It is said to be nearly 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam.

This supplement works similar to others in the racetam family. However, it is not technically considered a member.

Not only does this super drug enhance cognitive functions but it also has neuroprotection properties as well. You will notice an overall mental clarity when taking this supplement.

  • Overall Rating: 4.6
  • Price: $$$
  • Dosage: 10-30mg, 1-2x per day
  • Pro: Focus and clarity
  • Con: Large number of side effects

You may want to look more into this option if you want something that will give you a bang for your buck.

3. Nefiracetam

Nefiracetam is somewhat new to the nootropics world. It works by enhancing choline, GABA, and various other monoamines to give you a product that will work long-term.

You will notice a reduction in stress levels as well as lower anxiety throughout the day. Better focus and memory are also associated with this super drug. Some studies even claim that Nefiracetam has anti-amnesia qualities.

  • Overall Rating: 4.5
  • Price: $$
  • Dosage: 150mg 2-3x per day
  • Pro: Long-term memory retention
  • Con: Can cause withdraw-like symptoms

If you are interested in a supplement that can heighten your cognitive abilities over a long period, you might want to think about this option.

Closing Thoughts

Difficulty concentrating is normal for a lot of people. Synthetic smart drugs like Fasoracetam are the wave of the future. Not only are drugs like Fasoracetam fantastic for concentration and focus but they have many other benefits as well.

The variety of things supplements these days can help with is virtually limitless. With one smart drug such as Fasoracetam can relieve you of anxiety and depression. While at the same time, giving you the energy you need to get things done.

Although Fasoracetam is new to the racetam family, it is already achieving some high milestones. With a few minor tweaks, it has the potential to do great things.

Click the link below to order Fasoracetam today.


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