Pramiracetam is a member of the notable Racetam family of supplements. These are touted as powerful brain drugs that play a role in memory, focus, and other cognitive abilities.

Of these, Pramiracetam is said to be the most powerful racetam.

Though there is some cursory scientific evidence suggesting that it might be a useful agent for mental enhancement, it isn’t a sure thing, and there are some mixed results that dispute some of the claims proponents make about the drug.

What is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is a central nervous stimulant and derivative of Piracetam.

Piracetam is believed to provide some mood-boosting benefits, but Pramiracetam isn’t as well understood (though proponents claim it functions like Piracetam in a more potent form).

Some trials have shown that it might be useful in working memory and long-term memory formation. Those trials, however, were performed on rats. Human studies have not yielded the same results.

As for acute effects (like the cognitive boost), nothing yet has been confirmed. Some studies have been performed to assess its ability to address cognitive decline and central nervous system disorders, but these are preliminary and have not been replicated enough to be considered definitive.

According to its staunchest supporters, Pramiracetam is a stellar option for increasing one’s ability to learn, sociability, alertness, and memory. In fact, you’ll find lots of these claims strewn about the net.

The problem is, they are either backed by no research, or supported by a lone study that has some preliminary results, but nothing definitive and no replicated studies supporting the claims. There’s no shortage of anecdotes about how great Pramiracetam is, however.

The method of action for Pramiracetam is not wholly understood. The current understanding is that it can affect EEG activity in the brain, alter choline uptake, and works like other racetams in that it has some connection to the adrenals and binds to receptor sites in the brain to produce its mental effects.

Pramiracetam is not approved by the FDA in the United States, but it is legal to purchase and possess.

Other Names

Pramiracetam is alternatively referred to as CI-879 or its most well-known brand name, Pramistar.

Editor’s Note

As mentioned, Pramiracetam isn’t difficult to obtain. The 300-milligram capsules are readily available from a wide range of dealers.

I heard that the powder left much to be desired, partly because it tastes like aged chum that’s been left in a dark closet for several months, so I’d avoid it if possible.

There’s no official dosing information, so I decided to start cautiously with 600 milligrams. Within an hour, I felt like it was getting to work.

It started as a rush of unease but quickly evened out to a quiet focus. I was able to get things done without drifting much and was able to work for a few hours straight without stopping.

I didn’t feel any different in social situations but didn’t feel like withdraw