L-Theanine For Anxiety: Dosage, Benefits and Side Effects



L-Theanine works to relieve stress and relax the body without any drowsiness involved. Many use it for both anxiety and a natural aid for sleep. It is an amino acid found commonly in tea, making it easy to come by for many. The supplement differs from others in that it has no adverse effects. The body does not become drowsy or wary but instead remains calm and collected in any situation.

What is L-Theanine

Theanine is similar to glutamate. It helps transmit nerve impulses within the brain to balance brain chemistry. Anxiety and stress may impair memory and cognitive function, so theanine works to combat these problems and retain mental alertness. This amino acid is very water-soluble allowing the body to absorb it easily. The easy absorption makes the effects felt faster and more efficiently.

Standard doses help to reduce stress, relax the body, and restore attention. Theanine works similar to caffeine, yet it does not have the harsh edge that many people dislike about the substance. It reaches the brain more effectively and begins working after just a short time. There are no sedation-like effects felt, allowing the user to remain awake and coherent. There are also no buzzed feelings felt once the effects begin to wear away. The use of theanine improves test-taking skills

The supplement pops up online and in health food stores. It is one of the most easy-to-obtain options. It often comes in pill form, but there is a powder version available as well. It is different from many other substances in that it is not addictive. No one becomes addicted to the pill and requires it in their daily lives. People utilize it on an as-needed basis, without the constant desire to have it. Many like to include it when they know they could use it, such as before an exam, workout, or social gathering where their anxieties may come into play.

Other Names for L-Theanine

The simple name for the product is theanine. The scientific name is Gamma-ethylamino-L-glutamic acid. It is also sometimes called Suntheanine.

Editor’s Note

I have experience with L-Theanine. This supplement works great to calm down the body when taken with caffeine. Many people stack these two together, so the effects of caffeine show with an increase in mental capacity, but the harsher side of things gets downplayed. Experiencing shakiness and jitters no longer occur thanks to the combination of L-theanine. I too take caffeine with my supplement to experience it in the best way possible.

Having too much cortisol in the body can cause you to feel stressed. Theanine works to combat this problem. I take it when I feel I have too much cortisol in my body and want to feel good rather than stressed and upset. I take a higher dose, and it begins its effects in just 20 minutes. It makes me feel better, much more focused, and my brain no longer wanders. I receive a wakeful relaxation that allows me to continue my daily activities without stress and without feeling too tired to do so.

I do not foresee anyone having strange side effects from a larger dose of theanine. I often see 500mg as the recommended amount, but 1000 or even 1500 is what I frequently use when I need a quick boost in mental alertness and focus. It offers a quick way to perk me up and make me forgo the anxiety symptoms I sometimes experience. I have never experienced adverse effects while taking the supplement.

L-Theanine Reviews

After scouring the Internet, it is easy to see why L-theanine is so well-liked. Many believe L-theanine works well for relaxing and avoiding the effects of anxiety. Those with major anxiety problems have even returned to a normal way of life after incorporating this supplement into their daily routine. It is difficult to get agitated and run out of patience while taking it. Your demeanor overall improves, and you feel much more capable of taking on anything.

Benefits and effects

  • Promotes Relaxation

    The body often feels intense, on alert, and ready for fight or flight mode during stressful situations. Theanine helps promote relaxation, limiting these feelings. Rather than being on alert, people who take the supplement are more apt to being patient, loose, and ready to unwind for the day. There are no drowsy feelings, though, making it even more beneficial. The relaxed state is partly due to the serotonin production that theanine creates. Serotonin is needed in the body to make it relax and ready for sleep. Due to the added alertness of the pill, however, drowsiness is not part of the equation. It also increases alpha brain waves that scientists associate with relaxation and meditation.

  • Reduces Stress

    Theanine reduces stress within the body. All signs of stress get erased, so a person feels relaxed and ready to be part of any social situation. It is ideal for people with anxiety who often feel fearful, worried, and shaky during social interactions. These symptoms get eliminated immediately after taking a dose of the supplement. The body instead feels relaxed and the mind worry-free.

  • Stimulates Production of GABA

    L-Theanine stimulates the production of GABA. Gamma-aminobutyric acid reduces the activity of nerve cells, which helps to calm the brain. With increased production of this amino acid, an even further relaxed state may prove possible. GABA prevents the excessive firing of neurons. Without them firing off rapidly, the brain may feel more relaxed and not on high alert like usual.

  • Improves Alertness and Attention

    While many anti-anxiety medications make a person tired and unable to drive, theanine reacts in the opposite way. The body feels relaxed, yet the mind is alert and at full attention. It allows a person to handle any situation easily, without feeling stressed or unable to do so.

How It Works

L-Theanine is a psychoactive substance. It has direct access to the central nervous system, allowing it cross the blood-brain barrier. It interacts with the brain itself rather than simply sending messages through other carriers. With the ability to reach the brain, theanine reacts quickly in the body and makes the effects felt faster.

Both dopamine and serotonin levels increase with the use of theanine. These are responsible for happiness and relaxation. The theanine produces a higher amount of both chemicals, causing an enhanced reaction within the body. You feel happier, more relaxed, and better able to handle anything.

It is best to take the supplement in the morning. Never consume food while taking it because it will inhibit the effects. Amino acids work best on an empty stomach, as the body more easily absorbs them. They can adhere to proteins in food and lose their effectiveness in the bloodstream and on the brain.

Most people take a small dose of theanine, such as 200mg. It can take time to work, but should not take more than an hour to feel its effects. A higher dose can make the effects felt much faster. Take as much as you feel you need to combat your anxiety symptoms and make yourself relaxed.


The most common doses are between 100 and 200mg, although some may require up to 400mg in one serving. 1200mg is the highest maximum dose recommended per day. You can take it once or twice daily. It does not take much to make a person feel the relaxing effects. Most people take it with caffeine, whether in supplement form or by consuming a drink with the stimulant as an added ingredient.

Body weight may make the dosage different for everyone. A larger man requires a higher dose of theanine than a smaller woman. Women and men may take the supplement, but any breastfeeding or expectant mother must first consult with a doctor. It is not often recommended to take even a small dose of it during this time.

Side Effects

Side effects do not typically occur with theanine. It is considered safe to take as long as it gets used for just a few weeks at a time and not as an everyday part of life. Extended studies have not been completed to determine side effects of long-term use.

You should not take theanine with medications that lower cholesterol. It is also best to avoid taking it with food, especially items high in protein. Amino acids tend to bind to proteins, resulting in smaller amounts for the body to absorb and utilize.


It is important to note that many people believe they are taking L-Theanine but are finding D-Theanine in their stacks. You need to read carefully to ensure you consume the correct version. [1]

Taking theanine alone may make you feel more tired than you hope. The trick is to stack theanine with caffeine. This allows your body to enter a relaxed state without feeling overly tired and ready for bed. The caffeine provides the stimulation to your mind, which makes you feel alert and at top mental capacity. The theanine then works alongside it to destress the body and allow only positive effects to remain. [2]

Keep in mind that caffeine is found in many soft drinks and teas. It is possible to experience adverse effects if these are regularly consumed while taking an additional caffeine supplement. There may be more jitteriness than usual, along with an extended period where it is hard to achieve sleep.

1x Per Day

  • 100mg L-Theanine
  • 50mg Caffeine


    • Adderall

      Many people compare the effects of Adderall to theanine. It is often a prescribed medication that doctors offer to people suffering from anxiety and high levels of stress. It is also intended for those with ADHD because it improves concentration and makes it easier to focus. While this is an alternative, it is not always recommended for everyone. Theanine is the safest option. Adderall requires a prescription, so this option is not easy to come by for everyone.

    • Phenylpiracetam

      Phenylpiracetam is a heavier option but is well-liked by those looking for something with no side effects. It is intended to offer intense bouts of focus with a limited downside. It only takes around a half an hour for the effects to come into play with the peak of them felt at the one hour mark. It also does not make people jittery as caffeine does. There is no lethargy felt, and it can work to achieve optimal performance during an intense workout.

  • Aniracetam

    To enhance mood, focus, and memory, Aniracetam is a valid option. It offers the most beneficial components of taking caffeine and l-theanine together. The body is still in a relaxed state and able to handle stressful situations, yet the focus and memory of the mind is greatly enhanced. It often takes a stronger dose, usually around 750mg per day, but the effects are seen quickly and can last longer. It also has the mood-enhancement as an added benefit. L-theanine does make a person feel more patient, but Aniracetam creates a completely positive and confident mood for an extended duration. It is also considered safe to use.
    Check out these alternative options to determine which choice is the right one for you.

Closing Thoughts

L-Theanine offers a way to relax your brain and body, allowing you to feel much more at ease in the world. Anxiety struggles get reduced, and even stressful situations no longer feel hard for you to handle. The supplement provides an opportunity to get through the day with more patience, resulting in less angry outbursts and resentment towards others and your life. It pairs well with caffeine to ensure the full effects of mental alertness are felt without the harsh effects caffeine can cause. Click here to check out the product and learn more about what it has to offer.

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