L-Tyrosine is the dopamine-boosting nootropic workhorse.
Supplemental L-Tyrosine triggers the production of dopamine and noradrenaline within the body. It is an anti-stress supplement, and also boosts levels of cognition and has a stimulatory effect.

L-Tyrosine preserves working memory during acute stressors and changes perceptions of stress to limit symptoms.

Unlike some nootropics, L-Tyrosine levels remain increased for up to four hours after ingestion.

What is L-Tyrosine?

L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that is responsible for increasing adrenaline and dopamine levels. With these levels increased, memory becomes preserved and stress reduced.

Some nootropics take their time to kick in, but L-Tyrosine begins working within 60 minutes. Its effects may last up to four hours, with some seeing two or three hours of efficient use.

It is ideal to take before acute stress situations, even such as being out in cold weather. Cognitive health is significantly improved, even during periods of stress like this. The body and brain both remain at full ability.

This amino acid is often a precursor to dopamine. It can impact the chemicals in the brain to create an enhanced mood. It is considered safe to take in small doses.

A healthy glandular function is also achieved using this supplement, as it is partially responsible for synthesizing the thyroid hormone.

L-Tyrosine is available from a handful of online stores. I personally take the New Mood Formula from Onnit. It is available in pill form. It can also get purchased from any supplement or health store.

Other Names for L-Tyrosine

The product is also known as Tyrosine or N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine.

Editor’s Note

I tried taking L-tyrosine by itself and did great with it for awhile. I now recommend taking an additional supplement with it, however, as it began to make my heart beat faster and left me short of breath.

I suggest ingesting a supplement of 5-HTP along with the L-tyrosine. The tyrosine on its own is ideal for improving productivity and energy, but it can have adverse effects on serotonin levels.

Once I took it for more than six months, I experienced a serotonin deficiency that induced panic-like symptoms. The 5-HTP helps keep serotonin levels balanced, so this is not a problem.

It is not ideal to take both of these supplements for an extended period, but they work when an energy boost is needed.

In my experience, my brain power came completely back after using L-tyrosine. I used it for a few months to get out of the funk that a poor diet made me feel.

Tyrosine immediately gave me a better ability to focus. I would say it has a similar impact to caffeine, as it a stimulatory option, but