This is one of the rare supplements with a small amount of buzz with the FDA. Vinpocetine, a compound derived from the Periwinkle plant, has a great many uses all the way from cognitive enhancer to youthfulness-promoting agent.

It’s made big waves on the nootropic’s scene, though not all of its supposed benefits have been well examined. Very few, if any of them, come with any robust amount of scientific backing.

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is a chemical that is synthesized from extracts of the Lesser Periwinkle plant. Created in Hungary during the 1970s, the compound is not FDA approved in the United States and cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement.

The FDA has not assessed whether any of Vinpocetine’s health claims are accurate. In spite of these facts, you can obtain Vinpocetine online from willing vendors as a capsule or powder, and it comes fairly cheap.

Vinpocetine is supposed to have marked cognitive effects on the human body, increasing your memory and processing accuracy while decreasing your pulse, reaction times, and protecting against cognitive decline and some neurodegenerative disorders. This is due to Vinpocetine’s possible ability to improve blood flow to the brain.

There is also a small subset of recreational users who report a heightened state of well-being when supplementing with Vinpocetine.

Other psychostimulatory effects have not been reported, but Vinpocetine is used in some areas around the world to help stroke victims and individuals with seizure disorders.

The other health benefits aren’t well documented, but anecdotal evidence gives us tales of curing motion sickness, chronic fatigue, hearing loss, and perhaps even symptoms of menopause.

Vinpocetine does have a potential for interacting with other drugs, particularly blood clotting and thinning agents. It also has a range of side effects and could negatively impact those with weakened immune systems.

In spite of these factors, Vinpocetine is still considered one of the safer nootropics on the market, even if all of its features, benefits, and potential dangers are not understood.

Other Names

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