Holy Basil

Holy basil is a plant grown in India and Southeast Asia and prized for its potent medicinal qualities.

It is a cornerstone herb in Ayurveda medicine and the Hindu religion. It is known as an elixir of life.

Holy Basil is becoming increasingly popular in Western cultures for its ability to reduce stress and promote overall wellness by boosting the immune system.

It can reduce inflammation, reduce blood sugar and potentially prevent cancer.

What is Holy Basil?

Holy basil is an adaptogen, an herb that helps you adapt to stress and promotes homeostasis or equilibrium in the body.

It restores psychological and physiological function by helping the body cope with physical, chemical, emotional and infectious stresses.

It acts as an antimicrobial, anti-diarrheal, and anti-oxidant. It protects the nervous system and cardiovascular system, reduces blood sugar, prevents cancer, reduces inflammation and pain, treats hypertension, and some people even use it as a mosquito repellant.

The seeds, leaves, and stalks of the holy basil plant are all used to make the supplement. The plant can be dried and made into a pill or capsule, or brewed as a tea.

It can be made into an essential oil as well. It is sold in health food and nutritional supplement stores and can be legally bought, sold and grown throughout the world.

There are few, if any, other herbal supplements that provide the breadth of benefits that holy basil does. Many people who take it for one issue are surprised to find that many other symptoms or concerns are improved as well.

Holy basil is venerated in the Hindu religion and is often planted outside of Hindu shrines, where it is worshiped in the morning and evening. It is considered to be the goddess Tulsi’s earthly manifestation. (Tulsi was a worshipper of the god Vishnu.)

Other names for Holy Basil

Holy basil is also known as Tulsi or Tulasi, or ocimum sanctum. Its biological name is ocimum tenuiflorum. It is sometimes referred to as The Queen of Herbs or Mother Nature of Medicine.

Editor’s Note

Holy basil is known as ‘the incomparable one,’ which may seem like an overstatement. But given all the things that this herb does, it is quite apt.

It’s often used for stress and anxiety, but it also benefits the digestive system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

I first used holy basil because I was having trouble sleeping. I had a lot of stress in my life, and anxiety was getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Taking holy basil made it much easier for me to fall asleep and I slept soundly all night long. I was concerned that it would cause me to feel drowsy, but it doesn’t.

I wake fully rested and have no trouble getting up at the appropriate time