Duckdose Review and Comparison to ModafinilCat

Update April 2018: Yes, DuckDose is closed.

Here is what I received just a few minutes ago:

Duckdose is shutting down, effective immediately.
It’s been an amazing ride, but the ducks have decided it is time to pursue other opportunities.

DuckDose Alternative

As of September 2019, the best DuckDose alternative is ModafinilXL. I do not recommend Modafinil Star (read my review on why) . To buy Modafinil online, please see ModafinilXL instead (my review).

This is a review of a buyer’s experience shopping at Duckdose, a vendor for generic Modafinil tablets sourced from Sun Pharmaceuticals.

This article will cover everything from the details on Duckdose’s website, the overall shopping experience, and compare that experience to its competitor — ModafinilCat.com.

(Note: ModafinilCat is no longer in business. For more than a few years, they were the gold standard of service and quality in the Modafinil space. In their farewell email, they recommended Duckdose to their loyal customers as a worthy Modafinil supplier).

Introduction to Duckdose

As one of many, many people who have been enthralled by the Modafinil craze of recent years, I know that reliably sourcing the compound can be difficult.

Modafinil and its more powerful brother, Armodafinil, (Don’t know what the difference is? Read armodafinil vs modafinil – your guide to choosing the best option) can only be obtained through an expensive prescription from a medical professional, or by circumventing regulatory bodies that world governments have set up.

Indeed, the power of the substance can be reflected in the efforts that exist to control its use. In order to reach a compromise of both price and reliable access, nootropics users like myself have turned towards internet-based suppliers to purchase Modafinil.

One such supplier is Duckdose.com, or simply Duckdose, which follows a tried and true paradigm of sourcing Modafinil but with an interesting approach to their marketing which we’ll cover later.


Duckdose is a small company whose name is known only among members of the biohacking and nootropics-experimenting community.

It operates a website where nearly anybody can visit and place orders for Modafinil to ship all around the world.

Nothing is publicly known about the founders or exact location of their administration, which isn’t surprising given the nature of the Modafinil trade, which often involves friction with legal authorities.

I do know that the company uses a similar distribution method as its established competitor ModafinilCat, which we reviewed last February.

(Curiously, neither of these vendors appears on Gwern’s list of Modafinil suppliers, despite the inclusion of many now-defunct and disreputable vendors.)

Both companies source generic tablets from a large manufacturer in India and obfuscate their international shipments from customs in various countries.

Customers place orders through the website, and they are shipped directly to their doorstep with minimal complication.

To start my review of Duckdose, I’ll go over their website design and how it pertains to the overall shopping experience.


When I first browsed over to duckdose.com, the first thing I noticed was how similar the site appeared in design and layout to ModafinilCat.com.

Not to mention having an animal in their name and logo. Perhaps a coincidence, or perhaps just their way of lightening the mood for Modafinil buyers around the world.

The next thing I noticed, front and center, were buttons to go purchase Modafinil or Armodafinil.

buying buttons for modafinil and armodafinil

Right away, I could have moved forward in the buying process, but I was curious enough to scroll down on the main page. Here, a number of benefits of Modafinil use are listed.

  • Academics: Improved Attention-span and Learning Capacity
  • Executives: Cognitive Enhancer, Wakefulness Promoter
  • Athletes: Safe Motivation Booster
  • Gamers: Reduced Reaction Times, Better Planning

I can definitely appreciate how Duckdose highlights these use cases, especially if a person isn’t sure if they can benefit from their purchase. However, almost anybody can find a great use for Modafinil as well as other nootropics available.

Also on the main page, Duckdose lists news articles about Modafinil, including ones from The Economist, Wired, Scientific American, and BBC news at the time of writing.


Duckdose maintains a large and admittedly impressive blog of all things Modafinil. I can’t be certain how often it’s updated, but the posts cover very modern issues that nootropics users are concerned with.

Some of the topics covered are using Modafinil as a substitute for Adderall, usage comparisons between Modafinil and Armodafinil, and a likening of Modafinil to daily coffee use.

I found the bit on coffee use especially intriguing, as it is good marketing to make a point that psychoactive substances are used daily by millions of people, so Modafinil use doesn’t have to seem like a radical and dangerous activity.

The blog does an adequate job of explaining details we know about Modafinil here at Corpina, such as mechanism of action, half-life, and safety.

To recap from earlier articles, Modafinil works through a number of mechanisms, raising levels of wakefulness-increasing molecules called orexins as well as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels.

It takes roughly an hour or two to start working, and the effects last about 12 hours in the body, whereas Armodafinil lasts about 15-16 hours.

As far as the safety of Modafinil, I recommend checking out our article on Adderall vs Provigil safety.


After deciding to finally bite the bullet and buying some of Duckdose’s product, I clicked the buy button in the purple Modafinil labelled box on the main page (the buy button at the top redirects here).

I was then brought to a page featuring Modalert, the generic Modafinil produced by the reputable Sun Pharmaceuticals.


There are four choices in the number of tablets you can order modafinil online at once from Duckdose: 50, 100, 200, and 300.

Special: get a Duckdose coupon code for money off all products (promo for Corpina readers only). Just leave a comment at the end of this article and you will receive the coupon code via an email.

As of September 17, 2016, the code is no longer valid.

If you’d like a new Modafinil coupon code, head over to the homepage and sign up to the newsletter. 

For each quantity you go up, you will save on the cost paid per pill. For regular Modafinil, these are the current cost options: buying options for 200mg modalert from duckdose Simple enough.

For Armodafinil (generic: Waklert), which we know to be slightly more potent, these are your options: 150mg waklert buying options at duckdose

What I noticed nearly right away was that the prices are actually more competitive than those over at ModafinilCat.

Take a look at these charts containing the prices over at Modafinilcat.com:

Modalert Pricing

list of prices for modalert 200mg from modafinilcat

Waklert Pricing

list of modafinilcat waklert 150mg prices table

It’s clear that the cost per tablet is lower at all quantities as Duckdose, and since both Duckdose and ModafinilCat sell exactly that same products, it quickly made me question what the trade off of shopping here was.

However, after reviewing the service provided by both ModafinilCat and Duckdose, there doesn’t appear to be one!

Both places offer protection from customs seizing your package, giving you the option of a refund or new shipment if this happens, which is a 4 percent chance according to ModafinilCat.

Both companies provide anonymity to your transaction using overseas payment processors.

Both offer the same high-quality generic tablets sourced from Sun Pharmaceuticals.

However, ModafinilCat used to give returning customers 20% off of their next order, whereas for Duckdose the discount is 15%. At that point, ModafinilCat’s prices are slightly more competitive.

It’s worth noting that both suppliers give you a 10% discount for using bitcoin as your method of payment.

Checkout and Payment Options

After choosing a quantity and type of tablet, I was brought to a simple, clean checkout form. It asked for my name, address, email, and method of payment.

As mentioned above, Duckdose will allow you to pay with bitcoin (which is the recommended method), although the option to use a credit cards is available for convenience’s sake.

All major American cards (including Visa and MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted but don’t offer the 10% benefit as with bitcoin.

Another thing to note when using a credit card is that certain banks’ security protocols might get triggered. I haven’t seen any explicit messages saying this can happen, as with ModafinilCat, but I imagine it’s possible.

With ModafinilCat, I had to clear the transaction with my bank because they use a credit card processor based in China to save on costs.


After the quick process of checking out, my order was processed securely and my tablets were dispatched from factories in India. The delivery process took about 8 days for me, as a customer in the United States. The time might vary drastically for people in other countries, however.

Since Duckdose uses the same exact supplier as ModafinilCat, I would expect the average shipping