Duckdose Review and Comparison to ModafinilCat

Update April 2018: Yes, DuckDose is closed.

Here is what I received just a few minutes ago:

Duckdose is shutting down, effective immediately.
It’s been an amazing ride, but the ducks have decided it is time to pursue other opportunities.

DuckDose Alternative

As of September 2019, the best DuckDose alternative is ModafinilXL. I do not recommend Modafinil Star (read my review on why) . To buy Modafinil online, please see ModafinilXL instead (my review).

This is a review of a buyer’s experience shopping at Duckdose, a vendor for generic Modafinil tablets sourced from Sun Pharmaceuticals.

This article will cover everything from the details on Duckdose’s website, the overall shopping experience, and compare that experience to its competitor — ModafinilCat.com.

(Note: ModafinilCat is no longer in business. For more than a few years, they were the gold standard of service and quality in the Modafinil space. In their farewell email, they recommended Duckdose to their loyal customers as a worthy Modafinil supplier