How To Buy Modafinil From ModafinilCat (Complete Review)

This is my review of ModafinilCat, an online source of generic modafinil and armodafinil tablets. Here, I’ll discuss the purpose of their site as well as take an in-depth look into how their order process works.

Important Update: both DuckDose and AfinilExpress closed their shops. Please see ModafinilXL instead (my review here).

Special Update: As of September 2016, ModaifnilCat is no longer in business. It was a sad moment for the nootropics community, as MC has been an excellent source of Modafinil for years. In their closing email, the MC team recommended two other great Modafinil vendors: 1) Duckdose, a newer site with excellent customer service (my review here), and