8 Best Fish Oil Supplements for Children with ADHD

Almost every household has a medicine cabinet and each of them contains various health and medical essentials.

Aside from the usual vitamin C and D, fish oil supplements are also a very common sight mostly in households with elderly and, more recently, in those with children.

Main Benefits of Fish Oil

fish Fish oil supplements continue to gain popularity across all demographics.

Younger adults have started investing in these supplements because of its many benefits to the body.

Though evidence is mixed as to whether fish oil is truly the wonder drug that many people claim, there’s no doubt that some people are getting real benefits from it.

There are thousands of supplements available on the market today, and fish oil is one of few that appears to have real benefits.

Where Does Fish Oil Come From?

Fish oil comes from the tissues of fish.

It has Omega-3 fatty acids which contain eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and docosahexaenoic or DHA.

Both EPA and DHA are rising to fame in both the medical and scientific communities.

Our body needs omega-3 fatty acids in order to lower our blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Omega-3 is more popularly acclaimed for its positive impact to the heart and bones.

It has also shown effective in helping with problems related to the eyes such as cataracts or dry eyes.

The importance of omega-3 to our body is undeniable. However, our body cannot produce it naturally, thereby requiring us to consume its natural sources (e.g. seafood) regularly.

While some conclude that consuming seafood can give the body the appropriate amount of omega-3 it needs, it is important to note that many fish varieties contain mercury.

To avoid intake of high mercury levels, fish oil supplements are recommended. Doing this is sure to provide the body with the much needed levels of omega-3.

Fish Oil and ADHD

children-with-adhd In the more recent years, studies have supported how fish oil may help in boosting our mood and reducing anxiety. Omega-3 actually assists in facilitating the transmission of brain signals.

In fact, research also states that fish oil can go as far as reducing symptoms brought by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

That being said, fish oil has been found to contribute significantly to brain development and mental health. Those diagnosed with ADHD are found to have low omega-3 levels in the blood compared to those without.

Children with ADHD have shorter attention span compared to others, and they are also easily distracted.

They are also more impulsive and restless. To cope with these symptoms, a variety of drugs is constantly being prescribed.

However, these drugs come with harmful side effects that can be dangerous in the long run.

Tests and studies have shown impressive results with regards to the effect of fish oil on children with ADHD. After the trial period, those who took fish oil supplements showed improvement in motor skills and learning abilities.

Although not yet 100% proven, the amount of studies that support the use of fish oil supplements for those with ADHD continue to fuel its increasing popularity, resulting in an increase of brands that line the shelves to meet the need.

Top Fish Oil Supplements For Children with ADD / ADHD


1. Nature’s Way Kids Smart Fish Oil

Nature’s Way has outdone itself with this product: fish oil supplements that were designed specifically for the enjoyment and health of kids. These were also developed to support healthy brain function, improve learning, and increase concentration.

The chewable capsules come in a variety of fresh and fruity flavors that the kids will surely want to try. This omega-3 blend also assists the health of the eyes and the nervous system. It has no artificial coloring or flavouring and contains no yeast, gluten, and dairy components.

2. Natural Stacks Krill Oil with Astaxanthin