5 Incredible Nootropic Drinks For Improving Your Brain

A lot of us could admit that we have had that one occasional day where we overexert (and not sleep for a few days) where we had to rush for a school project or work deadline, or study for that exam and caffeine really just would not cut it.

What are nootropic drinks?

Smart “nootropic” drinks are a subset of nootropics, that come in liquid form. They contain many of the same ingredients as tablets and capsule supplements, but in the convenience of a tasty beverage.

Let’s take a look at some great new nootropic drinks.

Top Nootropic drinks on the market today

1. Think Drinks

think drinks
Think Drinks is a multi-flavored smart drink that has been famous since 1987. Tom Collins, Mike Vowles and John Collins wanted to change the trend that majority of soft drinks suppliers are offering poor to non-existent service to customers and a small variety of flavors.

Think Drinks is available from Cornwall, to Aberdeen, the French Alps and South Africa. Their drinks use genuine ingredients with as little to no additives as much as possible. Not only do they try not to be mainstream brands, but they also have as many as 34 flavors in their website.

Their energy drinks have a good Vitamin Blend (consisting of Tuarine, Caffeine Anhydrous, D Glucuronolactone, Inositol and Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B2 and B12). It also regulates acid in the body with Trisodium Citrate. This means not only will you get that extra dose of energy, but Think Drinks make sure you get the unhealthy bits from your previous meals out of your system. Acid reflux will be something of ancient history. You can buy this here.

2. Drink Neuro

drink neuro
Drink Neuro is a new brand of awesome when it comes to energy drinks. Its branding and its sleek design is more than enough to get you pumped psychologically, but its flavors and awesome taste will make you burn your way through almost anything.

These drinks are backed by science and are designed for the everyday person. It only has 35 calories per bottle, each Vegan, Gluten Free, and Kosher. Each of their flavors – there are more than five of them – are tailored for specific needs. For instance, neuroSONIC is focused on building up energy i nthe morning, while neuroSLEEP is for nighttime wonders.

There are also drinks specifically for daily health consumption and for stress. If you want that extra dose of energy, there’s also one for you! There are Drink Neuro flavors built for healthy appetite control and for premium alkaline hydration. You can freely choose the drink you need, when you need it.

Their drinks are made from premium ingredients gathered from different countries. Their neuroDAILY is filtered using aloe fields and green tea from China. These kinds of meticulous creation make sure each bottle is suited for your needs.

Their prices range from $20 to $40 a bottle, and each is a worthy investment.

3. TruBrain

Some say we only use about 10-percent of our brain’s functions. TruBrain makes sure we get to use our full potential. This drink has been featured in various sites such as Forbes, CBS, DrDrew, CNBC and Bloomberg for its powerful effects. TruBrain will make sure you perform well.

TruBrain is a startup from Santa Monica, CA, which brings its customers products created from neuropeptides or amino acids. These naturally improve cognitive performance.

However, unlike other energy drinks, TruBrain lets you pick your portion. They have drinks (from $55 a bottle up), capsules ($85 up), and brud (from $22 up) that has different effects. They let you choose the kind of nutrition you want, whenever and wherever you need it. Their UCLA-trained PhD neuroscientists make sure you get the kind of nutrition you need.

TruBrain works with the combination of science, nutrition and donation. Their neuroscientists have data from CEOs, artists and lawyers (and other professionals) to understand data patterns behind their best days and worst days. Then they try to analyze the kind of nutrients that work best for managing stress, distractions, and thinking on their feet. This is the basis of much of TruBrain’s products.

Members donate to help TruBrain’s research. But what’s best is the drinks’ ability to supply you with enough vitamins to get you going for that extra burst of firepower. Their California-based drinks are non-GMO and promotes superior absorption and all natural flavorings. They also have active nootropics on them.

They have oxiracetam and piracetam that makes sure you stay focused. L-theanine and caffeine makes sure you stay alert and synergized for whenever you need it. Uridine and centrophenoxine makes sure you can stay sharp and your memory stays pure. While nutrients such as magnesium, tyrosine, carnitine and citicoline makes sure your stress is managed, and your neural energy and mood stays alright.

4. Brain Toniq