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5 Incredible Nootropic Drinks For Improving Your Brain

A lot of us could admit that we have had that one occasional day where we overexert (and not sleep for a few days) where we had to rush for a school project or work deadline, or study for that exam and caffeine really just would not cut it. Not being able to finish the tasks could be very detrimental to our performance, and might even cost us our jobs.

Sadly, the problems do not end there. Sleep deprivation and lack of energy has a lot of dangerous effects, both physically and mentally – but where do we find help? The level of work expected of Millennials in this day and age require a certain amount of flexibility, with almost no time for rest and relaxation.

Luckily smart drinks are well-equipped with enough energy that can help us conquer those sleep woes and give us that extra dose of energy that we need. However, we have to arm ourselves with the knowledge needed to use such a drug – so what does happen when we have lack of sleep?

Sleep deprivation: The dangerous facts

Dr. Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Center says the rush sleep we get when we are too tired to function is called “junk sleep”. In his statement published in the website of the Sleep Council, Idzikowski said that junk sleep is sleep that is almost useless compared to the eight-hour minimum needed for the brain to rest, in order for a person to function well.

According to Dr. Rosalito de Guzman of the University of Santo Tomas, we have our own biological clock or Circadian rhythm, which is concerned with his sleep-wake cycle.

“Teenagers, who are used to sleeping late, wake up late in the morning. If they wake up and go to school early, they tend to sleep in class to compensate for their lack of sleep, or they don’t wake up early at all,” he said in an article.

According to de Guzman, sleeping is the body’s way of replenishing lost energy during the day. Other than making up for lost energy, it also provides other important functions like fostering creativity and improving the performance of tasks.

In a study published last 2004 in Nature journal, scientists from the University of Luebeck in Germany demonstrated the importance of adequate sleep in fostering creativity.

Other studies conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers and published in Nature Neuroscience last December 2000, claim that sleep is necessary to make sure we learn and that sleep deprivation may cause an impaired ability to learn new information. Lack of sleep causes decreased activity in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is necessary for learning and memory, which may lead to a flawed short-term memory.

The Sleep Council also provided other possible effects of “junk” sleep such weight gain, which is 73 per cent more likely to occur when our sleep quality suffers. Lack of sleep also suppresses the immune system, which makes the body more susceptible to diseases.

What are nootropics?

Smart drinks are a part of a class of drug called nootropics, or “smart drugs.” These are developed as a drug to treat various mental conditions such as narcolepsy, which is a disease where people fall asleep randomly during the day.

A smart drink is commonly a cognitive enhancer, it works in the brain by increasing adrenergic, dopaminergic and histaminergic activity. It can help you stay alert and awake for an extended period of time without experiencing mental fatigue. This is why all-nighters are common reasons if you want to take the drug.

In normal healthy adults, a smart drink improves fatigue levels, motivation, reaction time, vigilance and reasoning skills. A Cambridge study showed Modafinil decreased incidence of bad decision-making after sleep deprivation.
Through these drinks, it can help you achieve a higher sense of alertness that offers a clear mind.

But how does it work? These drinks block the dopamine ‘transporters’ in the brain, which remove dopamine from synapses. This increases the amount of dopamine available in our brain and makes us more creative. Having few dopamine receptors lead to less filtering and more information. Like caffeine, modafinil can make us more focused and our brains more discriminatory.

Smart drinks also elevates hypothalamic histamine levels, which, unlike antihistamines, makes user more awake and, according to some studies, more sexually active. With the aid of increasing norepinephrine in the hypothalamus, brain activity is increased and help us have more control over our actions.

These drinks, too, can be a mood regulating drug by fixing our serotonin levels. It also helps in memory improvement and the ability to use emotion in learning, and stimulate neurogenesis or the birth of new neurons.

Glutamate is also elevated when we use smart drinks, which is critical for learning and brain plasticity as it is the “main” excitatory neurotransmitter. This is relevant for regulating normal cognitive function including attention and memory.

Top Nootropic drinks in the market

1. Think Drinks

think drinks
Think Drinks is a multi-flavored smart drink that has been famous since 1987. Tom Collins, Mike Vowles and John Collins wanted to change the trend that majority of soft drinks suppliers are offering poor to non-existent service to customers and a small variety of flavors.

Think Drinks is available from Cornwall, to Aberdeen, the French Alps and South Africa. Their drinks use genuine ingredients with as little to no additives as much as possible. Not only do they try not to be mainstream brands, but they also have as many as 34 flavors in their website.

Their energy drinks have a good Vitamin Blend (consisting of Tuarine, Caffeine Anhydrous, D Glucuronolactone, Inositol and Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B2 and B12). It also regulates acid in the body with Trisodium Citrate. This means not only will you get that extra dose of energy, but Think Drinks make sure you get the unhealthy bits from your previous meals out of your system. Acid reflux will be something of ancient history. You can buy this here.

2. Drink Neuro

drink neuro
Drink Neuro is a new brand of awesome when it comes to energy drinks. Its branding and its sleek design is more than enough to get you pumped psychologically, but its flavors and awesome taste will make you burn your way through almost anything.

These drinks are backed by science and are designed for the everyday person. It only has 35 calories per bottle, each Vegan, Gluten Free, and Kosher. Each of their flavors – there are more than five of them – are tailored for specific needs. For instance, neuroSONIC is focused on building up energy i nthe morning, while neuroSLEEP is for nighttime wonders.

There are also drinks specifically for daily health consumption and for stress. If you want that extra dose of energy, there’s also one for you! There are Drink Neuro flavors built for healthy appetite control and for premium alkaline hydration. You can freely choose the drink you need, when you need it.

Their drinks are made from premium ingredients gathered from different countries. Their neuroDAILY is filtered using aloe fields and green tea from China. These kinds of meticulous creation make sure each bottle is suited for your needs.

Their prices range from $20 to $40 a bottle, and each is a worthy investment.

3. TruBrain

Some say we only use about 10-percent of our brain’s functions. TruBrain makes sure we get to use our full potential. This drink has been featured in various sites such as Forbes, CBS, DrDrew, CNBC and Bloomberg for its powerful effects. TruBrain will make sure you perform well.

TruBrain is a startup from Santa Monica, CA, which brings its customers products created from neuropeptides or amino acids. These naturally improve cognitive performance.

However, unlike other energy drinks, TruBrain lets you pick your portion. They have drinks (from $55 a bottle up), capsules ($85 up), and brud (from $22 up) that has different effects. They let you choose the kind of nutrition you want, whenever and wherever you need it. Their UCLA-trained PhD neuroscientists make sure you get the kind of nutrition you need.

TruBrain works with the combination of science, nutrition and donation. Their neuroscientists have data from CEOs, artists and lawyers (and other professionals) to understand data patterns behind their best days and worst days. Then they try to analyze the kind of nutrients that work best for managing stress, distractions, and thinking on their feet. This is the basis of much of TruBrain’s products.

Members donate to help TruBrain’s research. But what’s best is the drinks’ ability to supply you with enough vitamins to get you going for that extra burst of firepower. Their California-based drinks are non-GMO and promotes superior absorption and all natural flavorings. They also have active nootropics on them.

They have oxiracetam and piracetam that makes sure you stay focused. L-theanine and caffeine makes sure you stay alert and synergized for whenever you need it. Uridine and centrophenoxine makes sure you can stay sharp and your memory stays pure. While nutrients such as magnesium, tyrosine, carnitine and citicoline makes sure your stress is managed, and your neural energy and mood stays alright.

4. Brain Toniq

Brain Toniq from True Toniqs is a set of different drinks fit for specific needs. Their Fit Toniq is designed to make sure your body adjusts perfectly to your workout scheme. Its Immuno Toniq helps boost your health and immune system. While its Zen Toniq helps you relax and find your sweet spot.

Their drinks are carefully crafted from select ingredients. Brain Toniq has a proprietary blend that consists of Eleuthero, Choline, Rhodiola Rosea, Sunflower Lecithin, Bacopa Monnieri and Centella Asiatica, all ingredients that are energy boosting in nature.

These ingredients make sure you are provided with the necessary additives for your certain tasks in mind. It helps to use this when you are undergoing a regular exercise and diet routine so its effects are boosted to their maximum. But if you are a regular joe who needs an extra dose of energy, Brain Toniq is more than enough to make sure you get up and going. You can buy this amazing drink here.

5. CocoTropic

Cacao has never been so good. CocoTropic is a smart drink that ensures you stay focused and concentrated. It has the right ingredients to make sure your anxiety is reduced, your mental performance is boosted – and you look good doing it!

Its name in itself is testament to its effects. Imagine you are hacking your way through the jungle with a machete to get a taste of the glory that is cacao and other natural enhancers. CocoTropic has cacao, Mucuna Pruriens and reishi mushroom extract. These plants make one creamy and amazing combination, but it has a ton of good effects as well!

It improves your mood and happiness but reduces your anxiety at the same time. It promotes relaxation and memory, and improves your concentration. You can get the most out of one drink by just relaxing, or by having that extra boost to make your day right.

Buying is worth it!

A smart drink is definitely something to try, especially if you haven’t tried smart drugs yet. Of course, you shouldn’t be totally reliant on them, as these products are more effective coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle, but the boosts these drinks provide are a worthy investment.

Despite its rather costly price, it may be a good idea to try these drinks for a month and see the results for yourself. This is especially the case given we are living in an age where sleepless nights aren’t really something easy to escape – and what better way to conquer such trials with the help of drinks that are smart?

Sleep deprivation could lead to serious side-effects such as weight loss, lack of concentration and lack of focus that could be detrimental to our performance.

  • A smart drink is a nootropic, which can help us function better by boosting neurotransmitters and help us become more active and sleep-resistant.
  • A smart drink is much more effective than caffeine, and more effective than smart drugs because it provides benefits without that much side-effects.
  • A smart drink, although a bit costly, is being recommended by numerous experts in different industries.
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