Afinil Express Review: A Worthy Successor To ModafinilCat?

Update June 2019: Yes, Afinil Express is closed.

Afinil Express Alternative

As of September 2019, the best Afinil Express alternative is BuyModa. I no longer recommend Modafinil Star (here is my review on why), and most other shops are either not good our out of business (full list here). To buy Modafinil online, please see BuyModa instead.

In this article we explore the origins and customer experience of AfinilExpress, a brand new online supplier of generic Modafinil and Armodafinil tablets.

The shutdown over at ModafinilCat.com is also covered, which possibly illustrates a transfer of power between the two companies.

Note: you can get 10% discount on your first order from Afinil Express if you sign up to my newsletter (and 20% on top of 10% if you pay with bitcoin)


So it’s official. One of our favorite suppliers of modafinil – ModafinilCat – has announced that they will be closing down, “with love”.

On September 29th, Neko from ModafinilCat made a blog post explaining that all outstanding orders will be fulfilled, but no new transactions will ever be made again.

The decision was described as purely personal and not at all because of legal complications or cyber crime such as hacking.

The team politely bade farewell to their legions of loyal customers, but not without raising more questions.

Many people at the time may have wondered “what are we going to do!?”. ModafinilCat, for a long time, was THE place to get Modafinil. It was reliable, secure, and inexpensive compared to going with brands such as Provigil and Nuvigil.

However, it’s hard not to sympathize with the team for packing up shop – it’s not an easy task to sell modafinil, even though it’s technically legal.

The legality of transporting and selling modafinil is firmly within a legal grey area, given the substance’s schedule IV status in the United States and various other “controlled” statuses in many countries around the globe.

Typically, you’d need a prescription from a physician or psychiatrist to get it from your own country. Not only that, but the U.S. had long banned imports from India’s Sun Pharmaceuticals, which produces a massive amount of inexpensive modafinil tablets on the market.

Now, we can only confirm that imports of their Modalert product have been partially reinstated, but we know that overall supplies of modafinil are being closely watched by government agencies.

Thankfully, the nootropics gods have been merciful by providing us with a new online supplier of Modafinil. One that ModafinilCat themselves endorses, and for good reasons – AfinilExpress.

Passing the Baton

As ModafinilCat announced their closing, they effectively named AfinilExpress as their rightful heir. They’ve vetted the vendor that they felt came close to their “way of doing things” and affectionately called Afinil Express “the second best Modafinil store in the world”.

With ModafinilCat out of the picture, AfinilExpress has very high expectations to meet and a whole lot of demand to take over. However, we’d like to take the chance to get to know them ourselves by exploring their site and placing an order, and share the whole experience with our readers.

Before we head over to afinilexpress.com to place our first order, however, we need to clear something up for new readers.

Why Buy Modafinil?

With the complication of distributing (and hence, acquiring) modafinil, why would anybody want to deal with it? The answer is simple – it’s one of the best nootropic substances you can currently get your hands on.

According to Afinil Express, “Modafinil is the alertness wonder drug from everyone”. It is promoted as a powerful tool for professionals, students, athletes, and even gamers to get an edge on the competition.

This happens through a boost in motivation, ability to focus, and a clean sense of wakefulness that lasts for the greater part of a day. See our complete review of Modafinil for more juicy details on how the substance works.

Not only is modafinil powerful and consistent among users, but it’s also quite safe.

There are a few side effects such as insomnia and headaches, but they are almost always mild. Modafinil is different from pure stimulants such as Adderall in that it gives you energy, but without the associated burnout.

So, we can definitely see the importance of the products that Afinil Express sells. Now, let’s take a dive into the website itself and see how it compares to its predecessor, ModafinilCat.


When you head over to AfinilExpress.com, the first thing you notice is the product selection, front and center.

Look familiar?

This layout seems to directly inherit from ModafinilCat, where four versions of generic Modafinil and their bundle quantities are available for you to add to your cart. Also, you can see links on each product to get more information in the form of an ‘info’ button.

Scrolling down a bit on the main page, you get some valuable information about the benefits of modafinil itself as well as its many use cases.

While alertness and focus are a common theme, a few specific benefits for different fields are highlighted:

  • Education: Short term memory enhancement, cognitive amplification.
  • Professionals: Attention to detail, enhanced motivation.
  • Sports Enthusiasts: Swift reflexes, improved stamina.
  • Gamers: Reduced reaction times, better planning.

Like ModafinilCat, you get news articles at the bottom of the page that talk about Modafinil.

Names such as The Guardian, The Economist, Wired, Scientific American, and BBC News are mentioned here, leading to an even more increased sense that Modafinil is a substance to be taken seriously by everybody.

The site as a whole is responsive and fully mobile-ready, leading me to believe that is has some skilled people in its inner operations crew, similar to how ModafinilCat made me feel.

However, I will say that ModafinilCat’s design was sleeker and more modern-looking, and it’s too bad that these features were not carried over as well to AfinilExpress as its apparent successor.

It’s worth noting, however, that few websites in any niche are as sleek as ModafinilCat.com. One friend even joked that MC was closing their Modafinil business to go make millions as elite UI/UX consultants.

That said, I don’t hold any design differences against AfinilExpress.


As with ModafinilCat’s original inventory, and Duckdose’s current selection, AfinilExpress offers four types of generic modafinil tablets which are sourced from two pharmaceutical companies in India.

Here is a table featuring the different products:

Product Name Active Ingredient Company of Origin
Modalert Modafinil (200mg) Sun Pharmaceuticals
Modvigil Modafinil (200mg) HAB Pharmaceuticals
Waklert Armodafinil (150mg) Sun Pharmaceuticals
Artvigil Armodafinil (150mg) HAB Pharmaceuticals

New customers might be curious about why there are two companies offering more or less the same two products, at least on paper.

Sun pharmaceuticals is the older of the two companies, and has been described as providing high quality products for many years, with much experience in producing generic modafinil and armodafinil.

HAB pharmaceuticals is a newer company in the game, but also produces great quality tablets and at a slightly cheaper price.

The main difference between the same active ingredient between the two companies is the filler content of the the tablets, which can affect the strength and longevity of effects.

Overall, the products from Sun pharma appear to feel stronger to users at a slight premium.

However, you may find for instance that a slightly weaker or stronger pill can make a significant difference in how you feel.

For convenience, here are the (admittedly confusing) charts that Afinil Express provides regarding effects of the products:

Modalert Modvigil
modalert 200mg chart from afinilexpress modvigil 200mg chart from afinilexpress
Walkalert Artvigil

All four products can be ordered in five different quantities: 20, 50, 100, 200, and 300.

Now THIS was something notably different than how ModafinilCat did things.

There, the smallest quantity available was 40 pills. Now, there is the more manageable 20 pill option that is ideal for a first time user to try out modafinil.   As the quantity chosen goes up, the better deal you get per pill.

For example, with traditional modalert you can get 20 pills at $2.8 per pill or you can get 300 pills for $0.98 per pill.

Clearly, AfinilExpress is quite aggressive with pricing in order to encourage bulk orders – which may not be a bad thing at all if you’re a Modafinil veteran!

Keep in mind that products with armodafinil will feel different than ones with regular Modafinil, and more so than the brand differences. Armodafinil is more concentrated per milligram in terms of effects, and tends to also last longer in the body than Modafinil.

Though, regular modafinil will usually kick in faster.

For the purpose of this review, we opted for 200 tablets of each of the four brands available at AfinilExpress. Next, we cover the ordering process!

Disclaimer: Afinil Express sent us some free -afinil for the purpose of reviewing their product. As with our reviews of other Modafinil vendors, we strive to maintain a balanced and objective stance.


So, let’s get down to business.

We’ve added all four products to our cart and we’re ready to have them sent to our office. The process is done in three simple steps, and is short enough not to be a pain for new guests.

From the main page of afinilexpress.com, you can select all of the quantities of pills you want, but don’t worry – you can change this still in the next step.

Click any of the “buy now” or “checkout” buttons to continue.

On the next page, you reach “secure checkout”, where you can confirm the tablets in your cart (or change them) as well as enter your shipping info. Like ModafinilCat, the form is confidence-inspiring and well done.

This part doesn’t have much to explain, though we’ll cover issues regarding shipping later on.

Payment Options

Next up, we have to decide how to pay for our products. Like all other Modafinil selling websites we know of, you can choose to pay by either credit card or Bitcoin.

Credit cards accepted at AfinilExpress include Visa and Mastercard only, if the convenience of the option suits you.

I haven’t tried using a credit card myself with AfinilExpress, but experience leads me to believe that your bank might call you to disconfirm fraudulent activity, tripped up by the use of a foreign payment processor.

Regardless, AfinilExpress claims to use a very secure system for handling card information, which has also been the norm.

However, we strongly recommend paying with bitcoin, if you can. Since AfinilExpress doesn’t have to worry about the financial overhead of the credit card, it’s 20% cheaper to use this option.

Needless to say, 20% is a huge discount for only choosing a different payment option! Not only that, but bitcoin is quite secure, and a much less traceable option.

You do have the option to also enter coupon codes for an additional discount. One easy way to get one of these is simply be a returning customer. After placing an order, AfinilExpress will give you a 10% coupon as a loyalty strategy of sorts.

Definitely take advantage of this discount if you can, especially combined with the bitcoin discount!

From here, you can confirm your order and be on your way. However, there is the matter of shipping still.


Along with the security of payments, the shipping of the Modafinil itself is one of the more anxiety-provoking parts of the process of buying online.

Thankfully, we’ve never had any issues with shipping in the past with ModafinilCat, and we see no difference now with AfinilExpress.

First of all, you need to be aware that AfinilExpress cannot ship to some countries due to customs restrictions.   “We currently do not serve the following countries due to stringent import norms: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates.”

This may seem to be an end to international shipping for some people, but there are mail forwarding services such as skypax.com that can help circumvent this limitation.

Since AfinilExpress ships all of their tablets out of India, it can take a while for your package to get to you once you place your order.

It can take anywhere between 7 and 30 days depending on international distance and the time it takes for your package to clear customs in your country.

But what if for some reason, it doesn’t clear customs? Or simply, your package just never made it there? AfinilExpress will notify you within 24 hours, and then ship out another instance of your order to you.

In other words, they give you a 100% guarantee that you get your Modafinil.


When we received our package here in the United States after about a 14 day shipping period, all of the tablets were safe and sound.

What you will always get is a plain white parcel with Hindi writing on it, with no mentions (at least in English) of AfinilExpress or Modafinil or anything drug-related.

The inside is lined with protective bubble wrap and filled with your generic modafinil tablets in metal foil packets.

Sun Pharma seems to use thinner and smaller packaging, while HAB seems to use big bubbles of foil similar to what I’ve seen in SAM-e packaging, which is meant to prolong the stability of the contained substance.

I found no crushed tablets, so the packaging was doing its job, and I have no complaints.

From the packaging to the contents inside, everything resembled an order from ModafinilCat – which is really all we could ask for.

Do These Pills Work?

After sampling some of the pills (one Modalert, one Waklert) on different days, I can confirm that what AfinilExpress sent me feels like the real deal.

The familiar aura of focus, energy, and motivation is unmistakable. It’s an alert feeling as if you had coffee or an energy drink, but it’s much more sustained and clean of a sensation.

Doing work or even chores around the house becomes much more enjoyable, and I hesitate much less when starting tasks.

In addition I also get an increased sense of social awareness – talking to people is more fluid, to the point, and frankly less awkward.

I personally get about 6-8 hours of effects on the generic Modafinil, and 8-10 hours of effects with the generic Armodafinil.

I do experience minor side effects myself, but they are just that – minor. Because my alertness and focus is enhanced, my patience is diminished and it makes it more frustrating to wait on other people, for example.

In addition, if I shave my face and head the same morning as I take Modafinil, the resulting irritation is slightly worse than normal.

Overall, I’m satisfied with what AfinilExpress delivered because everything you’d expect from Modafinil is present in their genuine pills.

Final Thoughts

While many of us will miss ModafinilCat, AfinilExpress is definitely a worthy successor as the go-to online Modafinil shop.

The ordering process was as painless as one could hope for, with plenty of information about use-cases and effects of Modafinil viewable on the site itself.

The products delivered are genuine and high-quality, living up to what the site claims. Shopping securely makes everything cheaper. Shipping, while slow, is both reliable and discreet.

We certainly recommend AfinilExpress as your place to get this powerful nootropic and potentially life-changing substance.

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Will Thompson - November 22, 2016

Just warning others, I ordered from afinilexpress twice. Both times I received the product. I used my credit card and within a few hours of my second order there was attempted fraudulent charges on my card. I have found other people stating that the same thing occurred to them. Beware, I was really hoping this would be a legit site since modafinilcat sent me their way

Phil Thielen - December 26, 2016

I’ve tried 4 times this PM to re-order my Artvigil as I did in November & have had difficulty in getting the order to go through,,,,Nothing went through. The Banks have said my “cards” are ok so tell me what is (my) the problem,
thanks Phil Thielen 1-858-673-7709 Please Help!!

    Dan - December 27, 2016

    This seems to be a common theme (having trouble with Afex)

    I suggest Duckdose (still my first preference… I use bitcoin).

seren - April 17, 2017

Bad experience today. Ordered more via bitcoin. The transaction supposedly failed to arrive in time but I am out my BTC. Trying again.

    Dan - April 17, 2017

    In my experience, if you email AfEx with your order number and BTC address, they will happily refund or reship it for you. Never had an issue.

belle - August 30, 2017

They took my money and then I never heard back!! that is afinilexpress.
anyone else have similar issue?

massimo - December 16, 2017

please note that this people scam others into buying medicines that are, like in the case of mother, a need to cure letargic state. They are not a Company, they do not have any structure and they ripped me off of money, never received a product (I’m awaiting for more tha 25 days and they stated the pack has been loss). When I requested a credit refund they denied it and they are still doing it since more than a week. So, my first impression is that these people are just a scam to collect money and this web site is a well design platform done by them, they are anyway: not professional, not serious business men, not a Company, they work scam and I suggest You to avoid them as much as You can…. That is the way they work

Manny Ray - April 18, 2018

Claimed there was an attempted delivery but I don’t believe it.
No note though door.

They advised me to email courier but email fails to deliver.
Awaiting email back from Afinilexpress but not happy.

Jay - May 7, 2018

Anyone else having the same problem? Im skeptical on buying

Possum - October 11, 2018

My orders don’t go through even though I am inputting correct info; and my bank says that they never even presented the charges. Sent an email and have yet to hear back. Seems really shady


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