5 Amazing Benefits Of Ashwagandha Supplements

Ashwagandha is a popular herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has a whole host of different uses, and as I started investigating, I found that the number of Ashwagandha benefits was so great, I had to start writing about them.

I won’t discuss all of them, though. Today, I just want to focus on some of the most amazing Ashwagandha benefits and also its side effects.

These are the ones that many people aren’t aware of or those that people would not even expect from the peculiar plant.

Amazing Properties Of Ashwagandha

1. Ashwagandha Benefits for Hair


Could Ashwagandha contain compounds responsible for promoting healthier hair? It’s true that it won’t magically grow hair, but there are several ways in which researchers believe that Ashwagandha can help create healthy conditions for hair to grow.

One is the plant’s ability to regulate stress. Ashwagandha contains Tyrosine, an amino acid that researchers believe can help reduce stress levels. In combination with its other properties, Ashwagandha combats a primary stress hormone, Cortisol, at the chemical level.

By limiting Cortisol, it also limits the levels of Corticosteroids in the blood. In some cases, Corticosteroids have shown an effect on hair loss. Limiting the Corticosteroids thus helps control hair loss in some individuals.

In certain forms, it has additional properties. One is the Ashwagandha powder benefits for men where the level of Melanin is increased.

It might not seem like a great deal at first until you consider that Melanin is responsible for hair color. A reduction in Melanin production causes the hair to turn gray. For aging persons, the rate of Melanin production in the body dips significantly.

Studies in which elderly men took regular doses of Ashwagandha showed an increase in their Melanin levels, allowing them to maintain their hair color.

The effects of Melanin are not gender specific, suggesting that the healthy hair color exhibited by men in the study could be equally enjoyed by women.

Ashwagandha powder is also an ingredient in some shampoos. In this form, it can provide even greater support to the hair.

Ashwagandha shampoo counteracts dandruff and increases blood flow/circulation to the scalp. This creates an environment in which the hair can grow faster and healthier.

It’s antioxidant properties destroy so-called “free radicals,” which pose a danger to hair follicles. This combination of attributes makes Ashwagandha a valuable component of overall hair health, particularly for those who prefer more natural remedies.

2. Ashwagandha Benefits for Height

The idea of increasing one’s height via supplementation may seem far-fetched at first glance. There are several schools of thought on the matter, and some relate directly to the use of Ashwagandha.

Skeptics dispute the claims of sparking height growth with medicine. According to detractors, the only way to induce height growth through drugs is using Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Even then, they say, your genetic potential will limit how much height you will be able to gain.

They concede, though, that there are cases where a dietary deficiency may limit someone from reaching their height potential. In these situations, Ayurveda practitioners claim to be able correct that.

They stress, however, that the deficiency simply causes individuals to miss their height potential. In their view, no amount of Ashwagandha will push an individual past their genetic maximums.

In the context of some Ayurveda, though, Ashwagandha may have benefits for additional height gains. These benefits may increase when used in conjunction with proper dieting and complementary exercises.

The way these proponents of Ashwagandha see it, the process works like this:

The minerals contained in the Ashwagandha root promote skeletal growth and greater bone density. In turn, your height may potentially increase.

They purport that a 45-day regimen consisting of Ashwagandha, combined with a series of yoga and stretching exercises, could be responsible for modest gains in height for men and women.

Individuals experience the greatest effect when using the root in powdered form. You can grind down raw Ashwagandha roots to create the powder yourself.

You can also obtain pre-packaged Ashwagandha powder.