OptiMind Review

Ever walked into a room and completely forgotten why you were there? Or been unable to recall the simplest word or phrase during an important conversation? The bad news is that these are common symptoms of slight cognitive decline. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your norm. These events are leading people of all ages and stages of life to give nootropics a shot.

Nootropics are a class of supplements that are designed to enhance brain function, including memory. OptiMind is included in this classification and is making wild claims of improved memory, focus, and even energy. We all want those things, right? I know I do, so I decided to give it a try – they have free samples and I get confused easily, so it sounded like a win-win. No harm in giving it a shot, and now I’m here to give you the benefits of my results and research.

What Is OptiMind?

What is this nootropic that is making big claims in brain health, increased energy, and mental clarity? Great question. OptiMind is a natural nootropic made of 12 ingredients designed to supposedly increase energy, alertness, and mental clarity.

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The company is able to boast of being one of the first brain supplements on the market, which is an interesting claim. Co-founder Matthew Piskorz helped develop the product out of his own need for a boost in his cognitive function. So he and his partner began research on how to safely and effectively combine healthy ingredients that would promote energy and focus, and improve memory. The product has been featured in VICE and Art of Manliness, two sources I’ve been able to trust in the past, which gave me one more reason to give it a try.

My Experience with OptiMind

I was fairly skeptical prior to giving OptiMind a trial run. I’ll admit, I went into the process thinking I’d get absolutely no results. I expected to simply enjoy a short-lived energy rush from the caffeine and taurine, much like what I’d get from a cup of coffee or an energy drink. A boost that would come on rapidly and burn out just as quickly, leaving me with the horrible effects of crashing.

My experience went quite differently than I had expected it to go. I began my trial by taking two capsules in the morning, as OptiMind directs, and I started feeling the effects within just thirty minutes. I can’t say for sure that what I felt were cognitive benefits from taking OptiMind, but I can say that taking it felt like having the perfect amount of caffeine after a good night’s rest. I felt sharper, and better able to focus. Though, I can’t say that I saw any benefits to my memory.

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Usual, mundane tasks weren’t putting me to sleep or irritating me like they normally would. In fact, I got through a lot of busy work and even tackled a fairly vigorous workout. Even at this point I was still skeptical of OptiMind’s effects, thinking that a cup of coffee or threeo could give me the same energy boost.

By late afternoon, I could feel the effects wearing off. However, I wasn’t experiencing the crash-and-burn like I would from coming down off of coffee – just the crash, with no burn. I attribute most of the boost in energy to the caffeine. However, I’m willing to allow that the lack of feeling burnt out as it wore off may have been due to the proprietary blend.

The next day I thought I’d give it another shot and had similar results. However, this time rather than taking just one dose I thought I’d give two a try; OptiMind says I can so why not? I took another dose before the minor crash I knew to expect in the late afternoon.

This afternoon dose gave me a pretty consistent level of pep throughout the rest of the day. And as evening came on, I was happy to not have my sleep disturbed, as I often do with coffee. While I enjoyed the energy boost OptiMind gave me, I want to stress that it didn’t feel much different from drinking caffeinated coffee or tea. If there are heightened cognitive boosts to be gained from OptiMind, other than feeling more focused and alert, I certainly didn’t feel them. As a simple energy booster, though, it was more than adequate, and I enjoyed getting the boost without having to chase coffee all day long. Sometimes drinking coffee is as much a physical as a chemical addiction, and it was nice not to feel compelled to sit over a steaming cup of hot coffee on a warm summer afternoon. And besides that, who wants coffee breath all day?

Others’ Experiences with OptiMind

Before and after trying OptiMind myself, I wanted to see what other OptiMind customers had to say. I thought it would be interesting to know if my experience was common, or if there was something I could have done differently to boost its effects.

Overall, I found the reviews showed mixed feelings about OptiMind as a whole. Not everyone thought it was a great brain booster, but most did agree that it did boost their energy.

If you check reviews on Amazon, you’ll see only a slim margin between 5-star and 1-star reviews, with the average sitting at three stars at the time of writing.The biggest gripe is that for some, the combination of ingredients simply didn’t affect them. With any nootropic, this is a definite possibility.

For those that did feel something with OptiMind, however, the response was a positive one.

In contrast, however, the feedback from Reddit’s hivemind is decidedly negative.


If what you’re looking for is improved memory, heightened concentration, and increased energy, then this may be the supplement for you. As I said before, reviews were from one end of the spectrum to the other, stating that it either worked incredibly on all three claims or only slightly on just one.