8 Vitamins and Supplements That Help Brain Function and Mental Focus

Not every method to quicken your brain has to do with chemicals, gene manipulation or meteorites from outer space! There are several herbs and vitamins right here on Earth that you may have overlooked.

a nerdy professor cooks up nootropics in his labI’m sure that the first mental image you get when people mention nootropics is that it must’ve been created in the lab of a cackling mad-scientist bent on taking over the world.

And this is a problem because people are just not aware of fact and are immediately turned off without any research whatsoever. This is not at all the case, people! There are several beneficial nootropic drugs like Alpha Brain that only contain natural ingredients and have minimal side-effects if dosed correctly.

Why Supplements?

You get some of them via healthy diet and eating right. But the rest of them, you need to get them into your system from other sources. Don’t be put off though, because I will share all I know with you.

Let’s review a collection of vitamins and other natural supplements that target your brain, and enhance mental focus and concentration. This can be your go-to reference if you are ever in need of a quick look-up on these guys. These are basically the best mental focus supplements available on the market right now.

  1. DHA

Stands for Docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 essential fatty acid. Or you could just call it DHA, it doesn’t mind, I’m sure. A shocking truth here is that 99% of the human population are omega-3 deficient! That is a huge number to contend with.docosahexaenoic-acid 3d chemical structure

I will list out the number of problems DHA can solve. Ready? Starting from simple ones; Memory loss, depression, mood swings and finishing up with major stuff like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and attention deficit disorder. Whew, right? The scary part is there could be someone on the highway with the unfortunate combination of the above problems. Don’t be that guy.

DHA is contained in small amounts naturally. Mostly in wild salmon and other forest berries and seeds. One cool thing about DHA is that, when you combine it with Uridine, the combined stack rehabilitates and restores dopamine levels in the brain!

It’s quite impossible to get enough DHA through diet alone… unless you’re a grizzly bear. If so, case in point; you’re a bear who uses the Internet! For the rest of us, supplements are available in stores which can give you your daily quota.

  1. Vitamin C

This guy is probably the duct tape of the supplement world. We are constantly finding new uses and benefits!

Ascorbate (vitamin C) is a vital antioxidant molecule in the brain. From quick relief from colds to recovering from immune system deficiencies to preventing cardiovascular diseases and potential therapeutic roles against ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntingdon’s disease, vitamin C is the veritable one stop shop. It even improves your skin! Women take note.