Which Choline Sources Are Best To Supplement With Racetams?

Do you know why people wear accessories? Let’s say you are someone with a beautiful face and a good physique.

All the dresses that you wear may suit you, but there are some small details that can make you look like the front page model of a fashion magazine. These are the accessories.

Just like how accessories add a final touch to give you that stunning fashionista look, Choline does the same when it is taken with Aniracetam or Piracetam.

Aniracetam with Choline gives you a boost in energy and motivation without the side-effects like nausea or mild headaches that are often associated when taking Aniracetam without Choline.

Why are they taken together?

Most of the users prefer to take Aniracetam with Choline because it makes it more effective. After decades of piracetam and other Racetams existing, it’s clear that the cofactor to the efficacy of these drugs is choline intake. As the racetams boost the production of acetylcholine in the brain, choline reserves are drained.

If the levels dip below the optimal point, users of racetams can experience mild yet irritating side effects such as brain fog or the infamous “choline headaches” reported by a large fraction of naïve racetam users.

The key to sticking to a racetam regimen without experiencing most unwanted side effects is supplementing on choline. Most of the time, if a typical nootropics user takes one of the many choline supplements available, it should fix any small ailments.

A common question from nootropics users is “which choline source should I be taking?” or “which one is the best?” There are many choices available, and each has unique properties that may influence which one is better for each individual.

Always Use Aniracetam with Choline

Types of Choline

There are four types of Choline and they are (click to scroll down):

What is the Best Choline Supplement with Aniracetam?

Just like how a polyester trouser and jacket combo that comes in a range of colors that can make you go green around the gills, the wrong choice of Choline supplement can totally destroy the effect of using a Nootropic drug.

Talk about Choline in its Lecithin form, it is least efficient and the worst supplement so far. Basically, its unhealthy because it is derived from soy and you need about 1200 mg or upwards depending on the person for it to be effective. That’s a huge dosage we are talking about.

Choline bitartrate is also inefficient and causes mild headaches instead of reducing it. The bitartrate form is considered to be not as effective as the other types and the primary reason for this is, Choline constitutes just 40% by weight in this avatar.

As a result, it is quite inexpensive and this form of Choline is comparable to the general intake of Choline rich foods. Also, it doesn’t increase the effectiveness to the desired level when taken as a supplement with a Nootropic stack.

Essentially being a Uridine supplement, CDP Choline packs a nice punch as a Nootropic supplement even though it constitutes just 18% by weight. CDP Choline is broken down into Cytidine and free Choline upon digestion. The human body converts Cytidine into Uridine, which itself is a Nootropic agent. Hence, CDP Choline makes it two in one Nootropic drug.