Does Modafinil Show Up On A Drug Test?

So you’re interested to take Modafinil, but your company has random drug tests? Or you have to undergo a medical examination for that new job you just bagged? What if Modafinil shows up on the drug test? What are the implications and what should you do?

Before I tell you whether it will show up in the test results let’s take a look at what Modafinil does, who it is for, and what to remember when you are taking it.

The world keeps changing everyday and we are continuously gifted with new developments and innovations.

Because of our fast-paced lifestyles, the older generations are finding it hard to keep pace with the latest tech.

Another criticism about today’s young professionals is about the deterioration of health due to the increasing number of fast food chains all over the world. Fast food chains, of course, are perfect for busy people, in turn sacrificing their health.

That is why to combat this, there has also been a steady increase in health and nutrition campaigns not just for young professionals, but also for all ages. More and more athletics stuff are also made to be easily accessible. Lately, people have been more conscious about their food intake and physical activity.

Aside from exercise regimens and healthy diet plans, people also take supplements and vitamins to help enhance their bones or muscles. These supplements are easily accessible in pharmacies and stores like Walmart or GNC.

However, has it ever occurred to you that people have been so busy taking care of their physical bodies that they seem to have taken for granted the health of their brains? Well, the good news is that nootropics are also rising up in popularity.

Nootropics are drugs or supplements that are taken to improve cognitive functions of the brain. People who want to improve their mood, memory, and ability to learn and focus also take them.

Modafinil: A “Smart Drug” for You

In this world of corporate professionals, start ups, and entrepreneurs, people are gunning for productivity and accomplishments.

The world is full of jetsetters who seem to know the secrets of managing time. Compared to others, these overachievers seem to be able to do more, even though they are given the same number of hours in a day.

Have you heard of Modafinil? It’s one of the most popular and effective nootropics because of its many positive effects on cognitive functions. Though deemed to be a powerful nootropic, it is actually very safe to take because it poses a low risk for abuse.

Modafinil is also a prescription drug. It has also been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment that can be taken by narcoleptics and other individuals with sleeping disorders.

It is also prescribed for individuals who have problems trying to stay awake during the day and also for those who work different shifts.

The interesting thing is, Modafinil did not really become popular because of this. Rather, it is popular for its nootropic effects—the increase in alertness, increase in learning ability, and a significant increase in productivity.

Since it promotes wakefulness, Modafinil is usually taken if you need to stay awake for more hours than you usually would.

Modafinil is popular among students and professionals who stay up late at night but still need to function properly the next day. As you know, lack of sleep can have negative effects on your health such as delayed reaction time, lack of focus, and impaired memory.

With Modafinil, you will still feel fresh and alert even after staying up almost the whole night.

Recent studies have also found Modafinil to have positive effects on patients with ADHD and bipolar disorders. Modafinil is also associated with enhancing motivation and creativity. Recently, it is being studied as a possible tool for cocaine addiction treatment.

If you’re interested to try Modafinil, the easiest way to purchase it is by getting a prescription from your doctor. It is illegal to buy Modafinil without one. It is also illegal in some countries to import Modafinil from other countries.

However, there are a lot of online pharmacies that sell generic versions of Modafinil even without a prescription. In rare instances, your parcel might get held up in customs but usually the online sources offer refunds. Beware of scammers though—there are some who will get your money and send you fake drugs.

For starters, you can read our review of DuckDose (update 2018 – they are no longer in business, use AfinilExpress instead), a popular Modafinil supplier.

Some things to remember when taking Modafinil

When taking any drug or supplement, there is some information that you absolutely must not forget. When it comes to Modafinil, here are the things you should not forget.

Compared to other nootropics and drugs with similar effects, Modafinil has relatively fewer side effects. These side effects include headaches, diarrhea, nausea, sore throat, fever, and even vomiting.

Modafinil can also cause skin rashes and irritations. Once this occurs, consult your doctor right away for proper treatment and handling. If you are having a hard time breathing and swallowing, and if you have swelling in your face and legs, stop taking the drug for the meantime and inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Do not consider taking modafinil when you have a history of heart valve problems and if you are allergic to any ingredient included in the pills. Always read the medication guide available to avoid any potential complication.

The usual dosage recommended is 200mg daily, but for first timers, you can start with 100mg daily. You can either buy the 100mg pills or split a 200mg in half. Modafinil should be taken in the morning unless your doctor prescribes otherwise.

There are those who have taken Modafinil for quite some time already and have upscaled their dosage to 400mg. Again, before doing so, it is recommended to check with your doctor.

So does it show up on a drug test?

The quick answer is no. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. For most drug tests taken by most indiv