How Working Out In Nature Alleviates Anxiety

As winter ends and the anticipation of the spring hits full swing, it’s time to start getting outside and soaking up the sun. Though you probably know that being outside is good for the mind and body, you may never have considered exactly why that is.

The fact is, exercising outdoors can boost your energy levels and drastically reduce your stress hormones, compared to sweating out at the gym or your home.

If your current environment is more like a concrete jungle rather than a lush forest, it’s time to talk about the benefits of getting outside.

Being Outdoors

Recently, a study was conducted in Scotland where scientists measured the level of stress hormones in 25 healthy adults. Subjects were asked to fill questionnaires related to what stressed them out, whether it be stress at home or work.

The results were cross-checked with the details of the subjects’ natural environments (parks, woodlands, etc). According to the results of the study, people who are living near the green space had lower levels of stress compared to the urban settlers (not surprisingly).

Furthermore, a systematic review of stress studies was conducted by a team of professionals of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which was published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology. The results showed enormous benefits for the physical and mental well-being of individuals while doing exercise outside.

The research gave a clear view on how a wide open space gives more opportunity for boosting an individual’s health. This study even stated that getting outside forces a person to get a little exercise and there is nothing like a natural mood booster.

Also being out, ensure that you encounter your friends and neighbors. Such social contact is another closest step for cutting stress.

Mother Nature – Natural Healer

The profound effect plants, fresh air, trees and natural outdoor elements have on your health and well-being is overwhelming.

As you spend a huge amount of time outdoors, you become active and positive thoughts start to flow into your mind. You feel calmer (internally) and get a better harmony with the world around you.

Various studies gives a clear view on how being in outdoor environment can be the best thing for your health. Your level of neurotransmitter and serotonin (which regulates your mood) increases when you are working out in the nature.

Exposure to nature can diminish illness and pain and fasten the recovery time for any illness.

7 Best Outdoor Exercises For Relieving Stress

1. Aerobic Exercises

Do you know aerobic exercises like dancing, running, spinning, and in-line roller skating help in increasing your heart rate? These high energy activities when done outdoors make you feel better mentally and physically.

When your heart rate increases, endorphins are released from your body which make you feel good without any side-effects.

2. Yoga and Meditation

Nothing gives a calm and composed mind while meditating in nature. The posture combined with the deep breathing in the natural environment is a great mind-body exercise. It strengthens your body’s natural relaxation response and creates a healthy balance.

outdoor yoga practice

3. Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, tai chi is a series of breathing techniques and self-paced body movements. Though, the movements are related to martial arts, they are known to calm the body and mind.

Various studies have shown that practicing tai chi in your garden or at a park can help in providing various health benefits like lowering blood pressure, building bone density, and boosting the immune system. It helps to ease the symptoms related to fibromyalgia, arthritis and heart failure.


4. Martial Arts

Martial art is an excellent way for releasing frustrations, tensions and negative energy. Learning and practicing the various forms of martial arts like karate, Krav Maga, tae kwon do and judo makes you active and self-disciplined.

You can practice martial arts at home – just keep in mind that you need a quality mat to ensure your safety.

Practicing martial arts in the early morning especially during the sun rises is beneficial as the sun ray’s help in recharging the neuron’s of your body.

5. Golf

Research done at the University of Maryland showed that playing and practicing a round of golf is an instant stress-buster.

Not only it reduces the level of stress and anxiety, but maintains the reduced level until the game of golf or practice is over.

The study shoed that golf can boost your basal happiness levels; the combination of fitness, friendship, and fresh air present in practicing golf are the key ingredients for wellbeing.

6. Outdoor Team Sports

Just imagine, playing a game of football or baseball with your friends and family. Not only it is a great exercise and active workout, it helps get rid of anxiety.

There is nothing better in getting a double dose of stress relief from taking part in team sports. Here you are having a fun time with your loved ones and sweating out and releasing endorphins. Plus, competitive sports motivate you to push yourself harder in order to keep up with your peers.

7. Ice skating

Now I’m probably one of the clumsiest guys on the planet, so skating doesn’t come naturally. But I grew up in a hockey family, so when my girlfriend bought a new pair of ice skates, I couldn’t sit at home and let her have all the fun.

It took about three full winters to really get the hang of skating, but now I love it. It’s just enough cardio to keep you warm in winter, it’s a ton of fun to do with friends, and there’s something therapeutic about gliding across the ice.

Anti-Anxiety Supplements – Galvanizing The Rust Called Anxiety

Seriously, if you feel exercising is not your thing, you could try anti-anxiety supplements like nootropics. This smart drug can remove your anxiety as well as get rid of your depression. It helps in empowering your brain to work faster, harder and better.

Various studies have shown lessoning of anxiety after taking supplements like Phenibut HCL. Because of the boost in the cognitive, person becomes more confident, and can easily create interesting conversation with others.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor settings like biking trail, mountains, and neighborhood parks are the best places to spend time and work out. Beautiful settings, especially in the fall and spring, elevate your mood and create a great workout routine.

Whether you are going for a run or crushing out your favorite crossfit exercises on a nearby pull-up bar, fresh air is a great complement to every workout.

So, go ahead and switch out to one of your favorite indoor workout for this week or in the spring. Even if you are bored with the same exercise routine, try to give yourself the freedom to engage in varied, more playful and healthy movement out in nature.

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