My review of Oxiracetam (and comparison to Aniracetam)

Oxiracetam is a nootropic that is used for memory recall and retention.

In recent years, the use of mood and mental enhancing drugs has increased primarily due to an increase of anxiety and depression in Western societies.

Using drugs as a way to remediate the problem has become the norm, with drugs such as Prozac, Xanax, and Adderall leading the way and becoming household knowledge.

The alternative, nootropics, is a contrast to the more powerful pharmaceutical drugs and is a direction many people are beginning to turn to.

The racetam class has been singled out as a way to enhance one’s mental performance at work and in virtually every area of their life.

Introducing Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam supplements are the most often discussed of the nootropics, especially racetam.

While Oxiracetam is both more powerful and more effective than Piracetam, a nutritional supplement, they both are smart drugs. They act in a number of ways, including as memory and neuro-enhancers, but also assist in improving cognitive ability and intelligence.

There is only anecdotal evidence that Oxiracteam and Piracetam are able to effectively manage symptoms of dementia.

However, a number of studies provide evidence that when patients are treated with Oxiracetam there is a statistically significant difference when compared to other drugs to show improvement in the condition.

Other names for Oxiracetam are CT-848, ISF-2522, hydroxypiracetam, Neuractiv, and Neuromet.

Why take Oxiracetam?

In the competitive world most people live in, not everyone can adapt as easily as others. To this end, Oxiracetam is a solution as it improves a person’s brain function.

Improving specific mental functions such as cognition, intelligence, and motivation is the primary focus of the drug. It operates by exercising control over key neurotransmitters with the result of improving the performance of the brain.

The purpose of the drug is to improve mental functions like cognition, intelligence and motivation. It works by modulating the actions of key neurotransmitters, thereby enhancing the brain’s performance.


Oxiracetam can help students perform better on exams by speeding up their memory recall, think clearer, and accessing memory at a significantly deeper level.

Students who use Oxiracetam perform better during exams and are more successful in school.

Feedback from students show that it is a preferred supplement because of its ability to not only increase their motivation to study, but in some cases create a desire to study even more. The clarification of complex concepts is yet another advantage of the nootropic.

Older folks, pay attention

Age-related memory loss is a common problem among older people, and they too are discovering the benefits of Oxiracetam. Cognitive decline, not as well-known, is also able to be improved through the use of the supplement.

Researchers gave Oxiracetam to older people afflicted with dementia for three months, during which time a variety of tests were administered.

The conclusion is that Oxiracetam is a “vigilance-enhancing compound with some effects on spontaneous memory” and “ in comparison with Piracetam, Oxiracetam exhibits a greater improvement in memory factor.”

A second study was conducted for a period of 12 weeks with a larger subject population. Patients who were afflicted with dementia were administered a 800 mg dose of Oxiracetam twice a day. Significant improvement in memory and concentration were recorded.

Businessmen, artists, and teachers

A self-improvement strategy known as “productivity hacking” or “brain hacking” involves the use of Oxiracetam to improve a person’s mental stamina and help businessmen and entrepreneurs to better deal with their stressful workload.

There are instances of massive improvement of mental stamina by this group.

The results of taking Oxiracetam was that music was more fun to listen to, artists said they were more creative, and the vast majority of people saw reading and typing speeds markedly increased.

Oxiracetam typically gives a level of “clarity” when it comes to speech, helping people speak more clearly in different situations. Be that at work, school or in a board room, many people agree that Oxiracetam helps with public speaking.

The reason for this is not quite as clear, but various users claim that they chose their words more carefully and were able to communicate their true intentions with a greater focus and clarity.

There are some social stigmas around using nootropics and cognitive enhancers, and Oxiracetam is no exception. Nevertheless, I’ve spoken with teachers who used the substance prior to giving a lecture or performing a workshop.

From their limited feedback, Oxiracetam improved their mood and overall charisma. Some students told them they were more energetic on those days of class. Though this may be placebo, it’s worth trying out – especially if you regularly speak in front of crowds.

What about Oxiracetam’s side effects?

Like Piracetam, Oxiracetam has virtually no side effects.

The few that occur are quite negligible. In contrast, mood-altering drugs such as Xanax and Adderall have been reported to produce anxiety and jitters in patients.

With Oxiracetam, existing studies show no long term side effects and the short term side effects are an upset stomach or mild insomnia.

People often hesitate to use racetam like Pirecetam because the dosage required, usually about 12 pills per day, is uncomfortably large. In contrast, Oxiracetam needs only to be taken twice a day, orally.

One of the characteristics of Oxiracetam is that it can mix with almost anything, tasting slightly sweet. There are people who mix it in with their morning coffee as a substitute for sugar.

As a water-soluble substance, overdosing is a remote possibility yet its is fast acting, so its positive effects can be realized immediately.

Though comparisons are often made between Oxiracetam and Piracetam, the evidence is that Oxiracetam is simply more effective than the alternative.

It can be taken in either powder or capsule form, and is safe for long term use whether the dosage taken is large or small. Because there are no legal restrictions in most countries, a prescription is not needed.

It is generally available as a memory supplement, one of its more important uses being in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

What happens when you take Oxiracetam?

Users say that colors appear to be more vivid.

Oxiracetam users also report that they will get headaches with normal usage unless they have a choline source, such as broccoli or tofu, when taking it.


Oxiracetam isn’t cheap. Taking the average dosage every day can cost around a hundred dollars a month.

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Generally, a low dose is sufficient to meet the needs of most people. Though the actual dose will vary from person to person, most people can expect to take a maximum of 1500 mg or 2 or 3 capsules per day.

For best results, take Oxiracetam with c