Is it Possible to Buy Modafinil in Mexico OTC? Yep, it Sure is.

Modafinil is one of those compounds that makes most readers step back the moment they first hear about it.

Not because there’s anything particularly shady about the substance, or that it’s particularly harmful, but because the claims regarding some of its positive effects border on extraordinary.

Developed for the treatment of narcolepsy and other conditions that cause excessive sleepiness, users have found that Modafinil has many benefits, ranging from improved alertness, cognition, and memory recall.

Because of these capabilities, the drug is in reasonably high demand worldwide. In addition to helping people with sleep disorders, workers who work the night shift and suffer from work shift disorder have more than enough reason to try and obtain Modafinil.

In Mexico, there are several options for obtaining the drug (which we will cover shortly).

Before diving into the details, you should know:

  • In Mexico, Modafi