What’s It’s Like to Combine Noopept and MDMA?

Everyone’s got a little curiosity about what it would be like to combine certain nootropics with other psychoactive substances, and MDMA is no exception.
Noopept is an effective over the counter nootropic which improves learning and memory while reducing anxiety and repairing some forms of brain damage.
Given that Noopept is often used as a social lubricant along with other nootropics, it’s no surprise why the combination of Noopept and the ultimate social drug, MDMA, is a topic of interest.
For those who don’t know, MDMA is the very illegal party drug known as ecstasy or more recently, molly.
MDMA is known for inducing a psychedelic love of the universe and a desire to attend a rave. MDMA is well known for leaving your brain burnt to a crisp the day after use, though it doesn’t cause actual damage if it’s pure.
I’m not exactly sure what combining Noopept and MDMA would lead to, but in this article, I’ll examine each chemical in isolation and speculate about what might happen if they were combined. Do not try this at home.


Noopept has quite similar effects to the venerable racetam class of nootropics, and