Top 6 Fish Oil Supplements For Improved Memory

Where did you leave your keys? Did you already pay the bills? What was discussed in yesterday’s class? What are you supposed to bring to the meeting?   Every day, our brain absorbs and synthesizes information. Our brains are our very own database. Everything we have ever known and learned is stored away until retrieval. Unlike other databases, our brain has no limit—we can keep on learning and storing information as we continue to grow older.   However, our amazing database has a few glitches. While it is normal to forget every now and then—especially for the aged—it is rather frustrating for the younger generations. Not being able to remember what you’ve poured over in studying or something very important that you’re supposed to do could drive a person mad.

Can memory be improved?

If the problem isn’t physiological, meaning there isn’t anything wrong with how your brain processes function, how well your memory works can definitely be improved and enhanced.   Have you ever wondered why some people lose their memory functions while others remain as sharp as a needle? This can be attributed to genetics, but lifestyle also plays a big role. Eating healthy food and having regular physical activity can both help you improve your memory, but what’s even more important is exercising your brain.   This is very similar to the concept of exercising your muscles in order to strengthen them. Mental exercises will in turn keep your brain and memory active and strong. These exercises should be challenging enough to keep the brain working properly.

Tips To Improve Memory

If you want to have fun while exercising your brain, there are lots of fun brain games which include activities like speed-reading, reading comprehension, problem solving, memorizing, and even logical thinking and abstract reasoning.   If you don’t enjoy brain games, you can try learning a new skill like playing an instrument or learning a new language. The trick is to find an activity that can stimulate you, and this differs from person to person.   You can also try physical activities that require hand-eye coordination because these also challenge your brain in ways others do not. There are also physical exercises which contribute to improving your memory such as taking a short walk outside or a light jog.   When memorizing something, keep repeating it in your head. Then try visualizing something that you will easily relate to the information. If you need to memorize a group of information, try making up an acronym or an acrostic. This will help your brain retrieve the information.   Then, there are “smart drugs” which claim to help improve the way the mind works. There are also findings on how taking supplements—omega-3 supplements to be more specific—can also play a big role in improving our memory.

Remember Better With Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential because of their crucial role in brain functions, growth and development. In fact, omega-3 is concentrated in a large portion of the brain.   DHA and EPA are the two main omega-3 fatty acids that benefit the brain. Both contribute to development and aging. DHA is found in abundance in the brain and the retina.   Even though omega-3 fatty acids are important to our health, our body cannot make them. However, we can get omega-3 by eating the right food—fish like salmon or tuna—or by taking fish oil supplements.   In one study, a test group was given a dose of fish oil every day. The control group and the test group would then engage in a memory exercise. The test group won every time.   In a different study, people aged 55 years old and above took supplements for six months straight. Prior to taking supplements, they were asked to take a learning and memory test. After six months, they took the same test again. Errors were reduced in half.   Supplements can be taken by anyone, from aging people who want to retain sharp memory to young adults whose brains are still developing. Aside from improving the memory, fish oil supplements can also boost your mood, support your bones, and even lower your cholesterol levels.   Omega-3 supplements are continuing to increase in popularity. With the increase in demand came numerous brands all meaning to provide the supply. Note that different brands have targeted priorities and follow diverse manufacturing processes. If you are taking considering supplements, it is important to study which one is best for you.

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