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4 Nootropics That Improve Your Sex Life and 1 That Does the Opposite

Sex is a major component of our lives and, from an evolutionary perspective, is arguably the only thing that matters to us.

These days sex isn’t only about procreation. The advent of contraceptives and knowledge advances in family planning have helped create a world full of sensual delights that don’t lead to children draining our resources.

With more time to focus on pleasure and improve the sexual experience, humans have developed a host of useful methods. One such method is supplementation, which isn’t new or modern. Our ancient ancestors used herbs and roots overwhelmingly to increase libido and sexual drive.

Nootropics are becoming popular as a way to improve cognitive function and learning, but can also be powerful for increasing the quality of your sexual experience.

A Nootropic Elixir of Sex

Our ancestors mixed and matched herbs and roots in traditional South American, Indian, and Chinese cultures. Here are a few of the natural nootropics you can use to improve your sex life.

  1. Maca powder – traditional societies in the Andes mountains of Peru have been using maca root as a way to improve virility for hundreds of years. The highlands that produce these roots aren’t just filled with myth and conjecture; a 12 week study on men ages 18 – 64 showed maca improved libido, sexual desire, and had no change to testosterone. Thus, modern science has caught up to our ancestors and proved them right.
  2. Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack, Tongkat Ali) – Primarily focused on men, eurycoma longifolia (colloquially known as longjack) can improve both sexual libido in men, but also the sperm volume. One study showed a 14% increase in libido and an 18.2% increase in sperm volume over a 12 week period.
  3. Kava root – finally an option specifically for women, this root is native to the south Pacific islands. It has primarily been used to induce relaxation and sedation, but these effects can be powerful for women to increase their sexual experience. By reducing anxiety associated with sex, females experienced an increased sex drive.
  4. L-Deprenyl (Selegiline) – There isn’t much evidence, but this synthetic drug can improve libido and sexual experiences in both men and women. It is a dopamine modulator and can unfortunately show up positive for amphetamine on drug tests. Also, females who are taking oral contraceptives will experience increased bioavailability and thus must use lower doses.

The one nootropic that does the opposite is something every nootropics reader is familiar with. While there is no scientific or statistical data to back this up, anecdotal accounts through smart drug communities confirms this one unfortunate truth:

Anecdotal evidence suggests racetams reduce libido and sex drive. Piracetam in particular.

On the popular community site, Reddit, one user acknowledged…I would sort of just lose a boner…I would cum not that hard, sort of keep a boner, and be able to keep going.” It was confusing both him and his girlfriend in a sexual context.

In the same thread, many community members and moderators chimed in to relay many of the same experiences with piracetam and drugs within the same family.

It seems that this is a somewhat mild and rare side effect of piracetam, but is still something to consider if you are planning to take the drug for cognitive enhancing purposes.

Does it Work? The Perpetual Nootropics Question

Whether the benefits of nootropics are related to memory formation, learning ability, concentration, or libido and sex drive, many people skeptically ask whether it works.

As per usual, the 4 nootropics that can improve your sex drive might help you in the correct dosages, but it is up to you to test and see what works with your personal biochemistry.

By the same token, a few people suffering from less libido using piracetam doesn’t necessarily mean you will have problems when using this cognitive enhancer.

With self-awareness, you can not only improve your cognitive function to be more successful professionally, but also have a better sex life with your partners.

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