SR9009 (Stenabolic) Review for Exercise Endurance: Dosage Guide & Side Effects

As our readers may remember, I’ve written before about my experimentation with SARMs and how I’ve used them to get back in shape after suffering spinal injuries. SR9009 (hereafter referred to by its brand name of Stenabolic) is the latest one I’ve tried out and I’m eager to share with you the results I’ve seen.

I should preface this post by saying that I am not endorsing Stenabolic as an independent medication for fat burning and gains. Personally, I’ve seen dramatic weight loss and muscle mass from taking Andarine and Ostarine. I can’t say the same about Stenabolic. With that said, I have unlocked strength and endurance that I didn’t previously have.

Before I get into my own case, I’ll tell you a bit more about how Stenabolic works, where you can get it and why it may or may not be right for you. In the end, I trust you’ll have a better understanding of what this PPAR alpha drug is all about.

Let’s get cracking.

What Is SR9009 (Stenabolic)

Stenabolic, aka SR9009, is a PPAR alpha modifier. It is readily available online and can be purchased here. This class of modifiers is clinically proven to mediate sex-specific gene repression and to protect the liver against estrogen-induced toxicity in lab animals.

It works by increasing metabolic activity of skeletal muscle, resulting in a substantial uptake in running ability. Essentially, it mimics the effect of aerobic exercise even when you are not exercising.

Once Stenabolic is administered, the subject’s metabolism accelerates and slows down periodically, effectively re-syncing the user’s metabolic clock. This ensures that excess fat is converted into energy.

By binding to Rev-erb, the body’s natural protein, Stenabolic positively impacts the user’s glucose and lipid metabolism in their liver. This, in turn, exerts influence over one’s fat-storing cells and inflammatory responses.

As a “Rev-erb agonist”, Stenabolic interacts with your circadian rhythm modulation activity, meaning that it can lead to a more restful sleep and, thus, a more rejuvenated body upon waking.

As a supplement, Stenabolic use is associated with an increase in endurance and stamina, BMI reduction, and prospective bone and muscle strength.

Stenabolic is largely considered to be a safe alternative to traditional anabolic steroids, although it has yet to be determined whether it is safe for women who are pregnant.

But this is not to say that Stenabolic can’t have a fair share of side effects. However, studies have not shown any significant side effects from this particular chemical. No suppression has been detected and absolutely no clinical evidence points to addiction or tolerance.

Some common side effects of SARMs include acne, acid reflux, headaches, and low testosterone. At this time, there is no evidence to support the idea that any of these would occur when taking Stenabolic in recommended doses.

While it has been demonstrated that Stenabolic is reasonably risk-free, users are still advised to take it in responsible doses.

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Pros & Cons

So as we’ve seen, Stenabolic can have a positive impact on strength and endurance.

It comes in pill (capsule), liquid (solution) or powder form and can generally be taken safely in the short and long term to yield the aforementioned benefits.

This supplement may be effective for those looking to strengthen their muscles and increase exercise endurance. But it is imperative that users keep in mind that they are not likely to see immediate or substantive results if they don’t maintain a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise routine while taking Stenabolic.


  • No known side effects
  • Readily and legally available when ordered in the US
  • May increase libido and blood flow
  • May result in fat loss and improve BMI
  • Not an anabolic steroid
  • Rev-erb agonist stimulating Rev-erbA ligand
  • Clinically proven to decrease total cholesterol, glucose and plasma insulin level
  • Believed to be useful in the treatment of Type II Diabetes
  • Crucial to the treatment of sarcopenia (age-related muscle and strength degeneration)


  • Not approved for women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Not a natural supplement (Stenabolic is a synthetic research chemical)
  • Studies are inconclusive and ongoing

Proper Dosing

People who have used SARMs have reported vision disturbance and headaches. To avoid these undesirable side effects, users are urged to stick to the recommended dosage range.

For best results, it is generally advisable to cycle your doses to avoid adverse effects or tolerance of any kind. Users should take 20 to 30 mgs per day for three days before skipping their dosage on the subsequent day.

In my experience, the rule of thumb with SARMs is four days on, two days off. Since I’ve started dosing with Stenabolic, I have experienced no dramatic side effects other than a slight headache on day three, but this was easily remedied with a small dose of kratom powder.

Caveat: I would not recommend taking Stenabolic and kratom in tandem as this may potentiate a headache or lead to additional side effects. But I always use kratom for natural pain relief and when it came to the mild headache brought on by Stenabolic, kratom completely vanquished it.

Females taking Stenabolic should stick to a dosage range of 10 to 20 mgs, especially when taking it for the first time. All users should allow their bodies time to acclimate to this new chemical compound.

Most users see best results when taking 10 mgs every 4 hours or so. Due to Stenabolic’s rather short half-life, it is best to take small doses several times a day rather than pounding 30 mgs in one shot. This is why I recommend picking up Stenabolic solution or powder as opposed to Stenabolic capsules.


One user on Reddit praised Stenabolic’s fast-acting effects, writing, “I feel it IMMEDIATELY. This is very off since usually I feel nothing from anything, but with SR9009 it’s like there’s this little “pop” of alertness. It’s more subtle after a couple weeks but I still feel it.”

Naturally, experiences vary from user to user. Another Redditor wrote, “Tried two very expensive bottles from Sarmssearch when it first came out and was not really impressed. It’s not bioavailable, and I’m not sure how much your [sic] actually absorbing via the sublingual route. Maybe some energy/increased endurance.”

Personal Experience

After taking Stenabolic for two weeks, I felt less weak, more excited to start my day and more confident at the gym. Even though I didn’t see the immediate gains that resulted from dosing with Ostarine and similar SARMs, I knew it was working. I could feel it.

By the tail end of week two, I felt more capable of banging out extreme reps and left the gym feeling far less fatigue. The only drawback I found was the perspiration that occurred when taking it, even when I wasn’t working out.

But sweating profusely is a small price to pay for endurance and strength. Ultimately, the sweating stops when you cycle your doses.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, I think you’ll agree that Stenabolic is a viable option for users who want to increase their muscle and bone strength and experience more exercise endurance. It’s a clinically-proven compound for protecting against age-related muscular degeneration.

If you’re in the market for serious endurance and gains, Stenabolic might be just the ticket.

Have you tried Stenabolic or similar SARMs? If so, drop us a line to let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below! Thanks and be well.

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