Nootrolux Review: A Unique Nootropic Stack WITHOUT Caffeine

This is my review of Nootrolux and their leading stack “Brain Boost“, a new nootropic stack that launched in 2017. What’s unique about this stack is that it doesn’t contain caffeine. 

Many stacks today rely on caffeine for their nootropic effect. Caffeine itself is an incredibly powerful nootropic, so it’s often difficult to tease out the effects of the rest of the stack.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look…

But before we dive in, why bother with nootropics at all?

Do you struggle a lot to remember important things? Names? Birthdays? Your car keys?

We all do, but we often attribute memory loss issues to the wrong things. Age is a big factor, but what most people don’t realize is that memory loss is reversible, if treated properly.

One such hopeful treatment comes in the form of nootropics, the brain boosting supplements made famous by the movie Limitless. Today, nootropics are almost a household name, with students and employees nationwide using them to get an edge.

When used wisely, nootropics can actually help improve memory retention and recall. But there are hundreds if not thousands of nootropics on the market today. How do you know which ones to take, and how much to take?

Luckily, there are nootropic “stacks” which tactically combine some of the best nootropics on the market into one, convenient capsule. And that’s exactly what we’re going to look in this article — a novel nootropic stack Nootrolux which combines some of the most powerful nootropics available today.

It caught my attention because it uses a blend of nootropics that is not found in any other stack. After a few weeks of use, the many benefits and low side effects of the Nootrolux made it one of my best choices for mental energy.

Read on to get my full run down of Nootrolux, it’s pros and cons, and whether or not it’s right for you.

What is Nootrolux Brain Boost?

Nootrolux Brain Boost is the result of advanced neuroscience and medicine. By combining the world’s most popular, evidenced-backed ingredients, shown to improve mental health. Nootrolux Brain Boost has created this nootropic aka smart drugs to improve focus, clarity, and concentration.

It is one of the most complex formulas out there with 8 different nootropic ingredients. More importantly, it is caffeine, non-GMO, allergen free and gluten free.

How Does the Supplement Work?

If you look at the home page of Nootrolux Brain Boost, you can find all ingredients, explanations, and research on which their claims are made.

I’ve been testing Nootrolux Brain Boost for several months to understand how it really works and what happens after you take it for a longer period. Here is what happened during the first couple of weeks:

Week 1

I expected tremendous results from this nootropic. Why? Well, I had done my research before. I read several positive reviews on this product.

I was aware that it contains a blend of nootropics in the stack. I also talked to a friend who was taking Nootrolux Brain Boost for some time. So yes, I expected great results from this nootropic stack!

Even though I was very excited when my package arrived and I took 1 capsule in the morning as suggested, but nothing happened. Absolutely zero effect. It’s like eating sweets. Or even worse – sweets are at least sweet. The next day was the same. And the day after that.

You know, I expected a strong surge of focus and concentration – similar to what happens if you drink coffee. But Nootrolux Brain Boost contains no caffeine or other supplements that could provide the kick. It works differently. It has an invisible effect on your body.

Not, at least until one day when you wake up and say: Wow, this thing works!

So, during the first week, I thought Nootrolux Brain Boost was a scam. It doesn’t work. It’s just not powerful enough as many people claim. But then….

Week 2

During the second week, something happened. It’s hard to explain what exactly, but I could feel the difference in my focus and ability to concentrate and memorize sentences.

I’ve been studying for my test at that time and I still remember that memorizing became easier and easier. I often talk about how being objective is the key to providing real and useful information.

So, at the beginning, I hoped Nootrolux Brain Boost is my key to success – like the magic pill in the movie ‘Limitless’. After I started doubting it, Nootrolux Brain Boost delivered some magic!

Week 3 & 4

I’ve got used to taking 1 capsules of Nootrolux Brain Boost in the morning. I usually have my breakfast that includes a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I didn’t have much time during this period to train a lot, but I can tell you my body worked to the maximum. I was focused throughout the day, I felt like nothing can stop me.

My productivity increased to a level I didn’t know before and while playing the dual-n-back game (which is my way of testing the effects nootropics), I couldn’t but notice two things: How my focus improved and how I got better at the game.

It’s hard to conclude if this happened because my memory improved or because my focus improved. Some people might say that I got better because I played the game more often. This could be true, but you cannot improve for a few levels in such a short period. Try it out yourself and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Based on my personal experience and experimentation, I believe that taking Nootrolux Brain Boost has positive effects on our cognition and memory. My level of focus dramatically improved during the test period. My productivity was at the peak, I became very efficient and I felt fantastic with a lot of energy.

I didn’t notice any change in my mood while I have taken Nootrolux Brain Boost for several weeks. This nootropic does not contain caffeine or any additives. Thus, you don’t get a surge of energy after you take it. But my ability to focus and concentrate was much better than before because I was better at things. And that’s what matters more.

My personal dual-nback test has proved that taking Nootrolux Brain Boost does improve my performance, and that’s why I’ll continue taking