Modafinil in Japan: Easier Said Than Done

You’ve heard about Modafinil, right? It’s hard to imagine that there was ever a point where this so-called smart drug was a relative unknown, as the surge in popularity and interest it has enjoyed gives the impression that it was always on top in terms of wakefulness-promoting, stimulant-like drugs.

Thanks to its unique properties, which allow it to stave off the urge to sleep while simultaneously promoting alertness, focus, the desire to accomplish various tasks, and other cognitive factors, it’s no wonder so many seek Modafinil out in an attempt to boost their own performance and gain the critical edge they need in whatever field they are competing in.

Let’s take a step back, though. There’s little question that Modafinil works effectively. The real question most people are asking is how do they get their hands on it?

This is a curious one indeed, as different countries have all taken different stances on the drug, with some welcoming it into the fold as a useful clinical tool, and others banning it the same they would with cocaine or opiates.

Where does the land of the rising sun fall? Can you buy Modafinil in Japan? Let’s investigate what the deal is.

Can You Tell Me About Modafinil?

First, some information about the drug itself. If you’ve read any of the hype-pieces on the internet about Modafinil, you might not be sure about what it is and what it does. There’s some exaggeration out there, to be sure, hailing Modafinil as the “#1 smart pill ever, bar none.”

While it certainly has some potent effects, you shouldn’t go in thinking that it’s going to turn you into a proverbial “4D Chessmaster” or any such equivalent.

What Modafinil is good for is promoting wakefulness. Individuals who suffer from sleeping disorders that cause them to become abnormally tired during the wrong times, things like narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder, use it to correct their sleep cycle and live a more balanced lifestyle.

The eugeroic effects of the drug aren’t limited to individuals with sleep disorders, though. Normal individuals who are experiencing fatigue or sleep deprivation can use it to snap themselves awake and maintain alertness during critical periods.

What’s more, Modafinil has secondary benefits that have attributed to its status as a nootropic favorite. It can help to enhance working memory, motivation, reaction times, and other cognitive functions, leading to the supposed “smart drug” status.

Does the Drug Work?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, also yes, but you have to couch it with specifics. For its clinical uses, there’s no doubt that Modafinil can help. Physicians in many countries prescribe Modafinil to patients to control the symptoms associated with their sleeping conditions, often to great effect.

The great thing about Modafinil, for many of these people, is that it doesn’t come with the side effects and baggage that using stimulant