Modafinil For Weight Loss: Does It Help Burn Fat?

Want to get rid of excess fat? With the Holiday season over, many have gained weight, whether they want to or not.

There are a lot of dietary supplements in the market, but there’s a rumor that you can use Modafinil for weight loss.

How true is this? Find out the real score below!

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a drug that is meant to increase alertness and decrease fatigue. However, one effect of drugs with Modafinil in it is weight loss in certain people.

Can You Use Modafinil for Weight Loss?

modafinil for weight loss

It can be argued that combining those two could potentially lead to weight loss through normal activity.

The kicker comes from what the drug is stimulating, which is an increase in dopamine levels. People on these drugs generally notice some weight loss without putting in a lot of extraneous effort.

Part of the weight loss with minimal effort comes from the fact that increased dopamine levels stimulate reward centers in the brain and the feeling of hunger gets significantly reduced or eliminated for long periods of time.

Thus, Modafinil is essentially blocking and suppressing your ability to feel hungry, leading you to forget that you haven’t eaten and leaving you feeling happy and healthy. In a way, it acts like an amphetamine in this sense.

The specific reason that the drug is causing weight loss is uncertain but can be attributed to a few different things:

  • Appetite loss caused by the chemical reactions in the body.
  • Clearer and more precise thinking which results to better motivation.
  • Increased energy levels and physical activities. Both of these things allow you to do more and lose weight in the process.
  • The drug causes nausea which eliminates your appetite.
  • Increased metabolism. With this increase, food and nutrients are broken down faster, resulting in weight loss.

Is Modafinil A Guaranteed Weight Loss Drug?

Probably not, but weight loss is always more dependent on the combination of many factors rather than just one main, new variable.

Things like the time span that you are on the drug and the dosage prescribed to you will play a huge role in whether or not you lose weight if you do at all.

Taking Modafinil for a week may make you lose weight because you are nauseous, and it won;t be a permanent loss.

Moreover, your lifestyle (what you eat and how you live), as well as genetics, are two essential factors that can determine whether or not weight loss is possible when taking Modafinil.

Final Words

So, is using Modafinil for weight loss effective to its users? Probably.

Nevertheless, the practicality and the combination of all of the discussed topics point to Modafinil having at least a minimal effect on weight loss, and it is up to you to optimize the effect while you are on the drug if that is something that you are trying to do.

What Modafinil will surely do is put you in a position and a state where your energy is increased, your brain is thinking smarter and sharper, and your fatigue is decreased.

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