Can Archery Help Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that more and more people are suffering from, according to Our World In Data 1.1 Billion people suffer from some mental health (source). This is roughly 1 in 6 people in the world, over 25% of those affected are within the United States.

Interestingly it seems that countries within the western world suffer more from stress, anxiety and depression. Some believe this could be related to economic wealth and/or access to technology. How many times have you heard in the media of cyber threats in children, which could lead to deeper problems? This could be the reason why 75% of those that suffer from mental health are below the age of 24 (source).

High Concentration Sports – Why They Can Help

Over the last decade medication being given to those that suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks has dramatically increased. Within the UK, it has actually doubled (source). We all know that sports can help improve our physical health, but did you know it also helps with our mental health?

Now I am not suggesting that people should throw away their medication, but sports could help reduce the need of such pills.

So how does sport help?

There is a chemical called Serotonin, which impacts every part of our body. It has been shown that those that have low levels of serotonin tend to suffer from depression, stress and mood changes.

When we exercise our body releases increased amounts of Dopamine and Serotonin, some refer to this as “Runners High”. With an increased level of these two chemicals, we notice our mood improves, we feel less anxious and many even find it easier to sleep (related: How to increase dopamine naturally and Best OTC supplements to boost Serotonin)

How Does Improving Concentration Help With Mental Health? 

When we work on improving our focus and concentration, we are programing our minds to think about the task at hand. By doing so, we are telling ourselves to ignore the negative thoughts and focusing on the positive.

By focusing or concentrating on something, you are removing the thoughts and emotions that are causing you to feel unmotivated or depressed. Even learning to do this over a short period of time can help a great deal when it comes to mental health. The more you practice this and concentrate on the sport activity, gradually you will find you are able to control your mood and emotions more outside of the sport.

If you are looking for a sport to help improve your concentration and in turn help with your mood and mental health, you need to pick the right type of sport.

There are 3 levels of concentration;

●     Sustained Concentration

This is when the concentration is lasting for a long time, although doesn’t often require a high level of focus. Sports often associated with this include cycling and long distance running.

●     Short Burst Concentration

This is when you need to have sudden burst of concentration but are often short lived, these usually happen with more relaxed sports or sports that you are not active all of the time such as golf and baseball.

●     Intense Concentration

This is the third type and is probably the most beneficial, as you need to often concentrate a lot for the whole session. With these you will often find that you are in a “zone” and only thinking about the task at hand. These sports include Target archery, darts and sprinting.

Why Archery Helps

intense concentration

Out of many of the sports that requires intense concentration, Archery is one of the best for needing high levels of concentration. Its an excellent sport for encouraging focus, relaxation and improvements to your overall mood.

I recently spoke to Adam Jones from The Archer