Review of NOOTRO Phenibut

A few months ago I received this email:


I am Dziugas, the CEO of “Monotheta”, LLC, which owns the brand NOOTRO. I sell various nootropics, research chemicals and SARMS on eBay and my site. For the last year I`ve been doing very well on eBay, however I lost my top supplier status, because eBay was very aggressive against nootropics sellers, so I decided to focus more on my own shop.

That is why I am writing this email to you, I would like to ask you whether you would be interested in a partnership deal with me? I could send you some samples to review and you could possible write an article about my service and products.

Thank you,

New Phenibut supplier? Yes, please!

NOOTRO – Are They Legit?

NOOTRO is an online shop that sells various nootropics, cognitive enhancers, and research chemicals. Their selection includes Phenibut, Noopept, Oxiracetam, 9-Fluorenol (Hydrafinil), MK-677 (Ibutamoren), Fasoracetam, S4 (Andarine), Coluracetam, GW-501516 (Cardarine), Alpha-GPC, and more. They claim that all their compounds have been tested and verified for potency and purity; you can find a certificate of analysis on each product page.They ship from Europe (free shipping on orders (free shipping on orders above € 50), and their prices are in Euro.

I asked what made them better, and what was different about their shop.

My pricing and quality is almost the same as other suppliers because there are only a few reputable manufacturers of nootropics, so I wouldn’t be surprised that my competitors actually get their products from the same laboratory. I know for a fact that our products are pure, because we tested them in Vilnius University laboratory, though those graphs are quite hard to understand and don’t tell anything for an untrained eye.

I ship from inside the EU, so people tend to trust my shipments more. They arrive quicker and with less issues than from abroad.

On eBay even american buyers preffer my products over their suppliers, because of the professional service and quality I provide. Also, out of around 500 sales on eBay only one package has been rejected by the customs, as far as I know, this is one of the lowest ratings possible. I can give you a link to my eBay, so that you can see all off my feedback.

One of the main selling points in my opinion, is my flexibility. I can sell both small and bulk orders, ship combined or seperate and even capsulate their products for them. A few customers actually found this service very helpful, because they could stack all of their nootropics in a single capsule. Also, in the near future I plan to purchase a laboratory grade tablet press, which would be verg beneficial in making high quality, long release tablets for extended duration nootropics.

NOOTRO Phenibut Review

I asked NOOTRO if they would be interested in running a giveaway: 10 Free Phenibut Packages (0.9 oz / 25g each) to anyone who is willing to write a detailed, thorough review of their experience.

Nootro Phenibut Giveaway