Where To Buy Nootropics Online: the Best Suppliers

It’s a brave new world, my friend.

Who would have thought that it’d be possible to ingest a supplement which can truly expand the range of our mental capabilities?

It’s quite an amazing concept, but it also seems like a far reach if you don’t know how to find the substances themselves.

Do Local Stores Carry Nootropics?

The long answer is, kind of; many drug stores and retailde outlets have their shelves stocked with natural supplements for memory protection and memory improvement.

A visit to your neighborhood CVS Health will yield a wealth of supplements that are popular among the nootropic community.

These include milk thistle, ginko biloba, yohimbe and many others. Some pharmacies even offer Phenibut as an OTC (Over The Counter) medication. But by and large, nootropics are not a mainstream category of meds.

The biggest reason why you won’t find them in local shops owes to their questionable legal status.

Drugs like Kratom, for instance, are banned in some countries and are faced with being outlawed in the near future.

Here in the US, Kratom has been banned in six states and faces pending legislation in an additional twelve.

Other nootropics like Tianeptine are also under close scrutiny due to unfortunate circumstances.

Tianeptine became the subject of much controversy after a Texas family sued popular nootropic vendor Powder City, charging that the company and their drug killed their son and forcing them to shut down.

Another reason why you won’t find most nootropics in pharmacies or retail outlets is their fast-acting effects. They tend to have an immediate and noticeable impact on you.

This is precisely what governments are afraid of—leaving these unregulated drugs in the hands of people who may be inclined to abuse it.

The problem is, nootropics are easy to abuse as users develop a quick tolerance to it after daily use.

So it makes sense that the market for newer substances is controlled more than other supplements.

Not exactly Benzos…

Many nootropics have powerful anxiolytic properties, meaning they reduce anxiety symptoms. And while both nootropics and benzos reduce anxiety, they go about it in completely different ways.

While benzos have a sedative effect, nootropics have many benefits including getting you more motivated, ridding you of brain fog and reducing sleepiness at your workplace.

Also, since nootropics are getting popular with verified tests to prove their benefits, there is a lot of confusion as to what they really do.

Can you buy nootropics from GNC stores?

If you’ve ever visited the website of one of your local stores like GNC in search of nootropics, you’ll find that they don’t stock them.

How is it possible that the largest online pharmacies and drug store companies don’t have nootropics for sale?

Again, it comes down to the fact that nootropics are generally unregulated supplements that are not approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

As such, they have a stigma surrounding them that isn’t embraced by mainstream stores.

Are nootropics available at Walgreens?

You could ask around in your local retail pharmacies, pharmacists and medical stores to check if they stock nootropics.

Though users have reported that Walgreens or CVS carry them in a small percentage of their stores, but they don’t do so in all of them.

It appears that Walgreens does stock some brain and memory support supplements such as Prevagen Extra Strength, SAM-e Complete and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

The thing is, though nootropics are legal, stores don’t risk stocking it because they are also responsible for customers who abuse it.

And that is bad news for people who want to benefit from it.

So, what are my options?

The good news for you is that there is no shortage of places from which you can purchase the nootropics you are looking for.

Online vendors are plentiful and a quick Google search will yield a lot of options that range in terms of pricing, shipping options, discretion, information and more.

There are many factors to consider before making a purchase. You want to consider service, selection, value for your money, vendor reputation among consumers, safety and product quality.

Lesser vendors will sell you supplements that don’t specify how much of each ingredient is contained within each capsule while others inaccurately report mg amounts. You don’t know what you’re getting or how much of it you’re getting.

The better vendors out there will offer a money back guarantee and will offer 24/7 customer support. These vendors are the ones you want to go with.

You can tell when a company cares about nootropics because they will invariably do third party testing on their products to ensure purity and quality.

Some companies also have in-house laboratories where they personally test each batch of a drug. These are some of the best vendors out there.

Things to consider when deciding on a nootropic vendor:

  • Shipping. How does the company ship their products (Is it protected by bubble wrap?)
  • Customer loyalty. Do they offer coupon codes and other discounts on orders? Do they offer refunds?
  • Longevity. Have they been around for some time or did they throw up some cheap-looking site overnight? Do they have a presence on sites like Reddit and Longecity?
  • Inventory and availability. Do they have the specific items you are looking for? Do they have it in stock and will they ship to your area?

You want to deal with companies that have been tried and tested. A legit operation will be able to show proof of third-party certificate of analysis (CoA).

This certificate asserts that their products were sent to a third party laboratory to be independently assessed for purity and tested for heavy metals.

Where To Buy Nootropics Online: The Best Vendors

The following is a list of vendors that offer nootropics online.

AfinilExpressModafinil, Armodafinil
Absorb HealthALCAR and Noopept
Peak NootropicsNoopept, Sulbutamine & Racetams
Nootropics DepotProprietary Extracts, Bulk Powders
Pure NootropicsCapsules

We will talk a bit about each one of them so you get a better idea of what they offer and where they stand among consumers.


As one may expect, there is a huge selection of various supplements on large marketplaces such as Amazon, which carries everything from furniture to electronics to food products.

If you visit here and type in the name of a basic supplement, it’s guaranteed that something will come up; even multiple brand options should appear.

But since Amazon is more of a mainstream general store, you won’t find a vastly increased inventory as compared to a walk-in vitamin shop. Thus, many of the more advanced and rare cognitive enhancing products will be scarce here.

The other important thing to note about Amazon is that they aren’t a company that makes nootropics, just a handy place to find many sellers offering nootropics.

Ordering a nootropic using Amazon does not in any way guarantee the reputability of the company responsible for the drug.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of options on here including products from NOW, Source Naturals and Primaforce.

Ceretropic (update 2018: shop closed)

Established in 2013, Ceretropic has been gaining momentum as a popular nootropic vendor ever since. They offer 14% off coupon codes for their nootropic powders and 30% off coupons for their sprays.

They have a strong reputation on web forums and have a close relationship with their customers on Reddit, where they field questions about everything from where a customer can get test peptides to whether they accept Bitcoin.

AfinilExpress (update 2019: shop closed)

AfinilExpress is your one-stop shop for Modalert, a generic brand of Modafinil. They offer free EMS shipping, boast low prices and offer reshipments.

AfinilExpress also carries products like Artvigil and Waklert that not too many vendors are offering at this time.


Chem-eu is an exciting research chemical website where users can buy 1p-LSD. They offer fast EU delivery and claim to have the largest stock pile of research chemicals in the world.

Absorb Health

Absorb Health is a health supplement outfit that carries a wide range of supplements including ALCAR and Noopept.

The vast majority of their prices are competitive and they are very up front about possessing a CoA for third party identity testing.

Peak Nootropics

This Canadian nootropic vendor offers everything from capsules and bulk powders to accessories. Peak Nootropics carry Noopept, Sulbutamine, racetams and more.

They also offer worldwide shipping. Their website provides detailed information about each of their products.

Peak Nootropics has great service and has been around for a while. I expect them to be around for a long while yet.

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot has been around for quite some time. They are well-renowned for their unique features which include proprietary extracts, bulk powders in tubs and special offers.

Nootropics Depot has a CoA and ship to the following countries: America, Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

DuckDose (update 2018: shop closed)

DuckDose is one of a scarce number of online vendors that currently offers armodafinil in 150 mg tablets. For those who don’t know, armodafinil is believed to be a superior variation on modafinil, offering less side effects and a swifter onset.

DuckDose provides free express shipping and full refunds if your products get seized at customs.

Pure Nootropics

An independent nootropic vendor, Pure Nootropics specializes in capsules. They are very popular with users who don’t own scales or don’t want to be bothered with measuring out their dosages. They also offer bulk discounts and discounts on monthly subscriptions.

Unlike many vendors, Pure Nootropics’ website offers an educational blog and something they call their “Knowledge Base,” a page on which you can find information on the best nootropic stacks and the history of cognitive enhancement supplements.


Modafinilxl mostly deals with ModAlert, the generic modafinil we mentioned earlier. They offer different packs and combinations (Modafinil / Armodafinil Combo Pack, and packs of anywhere from 10 to 500 tablets) . You have the option of paying in Bitcoin, and they offer a free trial (read my review here)

Advance Nootropics

Advance Nootropics is a nootropic company that strives to provide their customers with comprehensive information about nootropics, detailing what a nootropic should be able to do and which substances are the best for true cognitive enhancement.

They sell everything from Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam to Noopept and Alpha GPC. Their prices are a bit steep, but they have a reputation for selling quality products. Their informative blog covers a host of topics including nootropic treatments for cerebral palsy and Aspergers.

The following is a list of other nootropic suppliers that you can buy from:


We wish you the best of luck experimenting with different nootropics, with all of the options available and information to navigate through.

More and more sites arise every day to support our interest in nootropics, and those shall definitely be covered in the future!

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Hey Dan, have you ever done any research, looked into at all, or heard about sarcosine? Particularly for restoring the brains all around functionality after longtime drug use, severe depression, schizophrenia, among other specific things. Just curious if you knew anything about it since you know a lot about brain-beneficial supplements. Thanks.


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