What Happened To Powder City? The Full Story

As featured on Epic Beasts and Reppin’ Christ Fitness, Powder City was an online nootropic vendor that offered a range of products for everything from cognitive enhancement and mood support to bodybuilding supplements and sexual health aids.

Their mission statement made it clear where they stood among supplement suppliers. As their About Us page explained:

“Powder City’s mission is to deliver the highest quality health and wellness products as a price leader in the market so that our customers can meet and achieve their performance goals.”

The Powder City site claimed to focus on customers’ wants and needs by striving for continuous improvement of their core values: “Quality first, people matter and strive for excellence.”

But was this all shrewd advertising aimed at putting the consumer at ease or was Powder City really that legit?

Here we will endeavor to establish just how on the level Powder City was. We will accomplish this goal by exploring Powder City’s product line, their testing process, their pricing and their reputation in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, their mission was compromised recently and the company closed amid lawsuits and much online speculation about the quality