4F-MPH From Chemical Story (My Review)

UPDATE 2017: CS closed the shop (for now). They did say they would re-open but their website is gone and you cannot place any orders.

The pressures of life these days can bog you down both physically and mentally.

I know first-hand just how overwhelming balancing work, family, and lifestyle can be at times. I had zero energy or motivation to get through the day.

Stimulants like the 4F-MPH were not around when I needed them the most.

However, 4F-MPH has been giving many nootropics users the focus and energy they require without the harsh side effects or comedown of other synthetic drugs on the market.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing 4F-MPH

Stimulants such as 4F-MPH have been gaining popularity over the past several decades.

It seems new synthetic stimulants are emerging on the market faster than they can get banned. Most have harsh side effects and are mild at best.

The new 4F-MPH is like its predecessor methylphenidate, yet stronger. A little goes a long way with this new stimulant. [1]

While it is similar to methylphenidate (Ritalin), it has a euphoric feel, appealing to those who want to use it in a recreational capacity. [2]

Because this product is usually made to order, you may find yourself waiting a while to try it. If you’re only looking for something cheap that can get you going for the next big exam or meeting, you should consider something like Adderall instead.

Before going out and buying 4F-MPH think about some of the following questions.

  • Does the supplier guarantee high-purity?
  • Is your tolerance high enough to take something like 4F-MPH?
  • What form will suit your needs the best? Powder or pe