Vitamonk Review: Finally, A Nootropics Company That Gets It

This is my review of VitaMonk, an online nootropics store, and welcome surprise in the sometimes murky space of online supplements and nootropics companies.

Here, I’ll explain what you can get through their website, and how their order process works, and a bit on the company values which is what can matter most.

As the popularity of nootropics and supplements roared upwards in the last few years, many companies have jumped in to grab their piece of the pie.

A common trend that I’ve observed, however, is that a large fraction of them operate like miniature laboratories that are more focused on the science than the customer. They provide analysis documents, pages of scientific literature, and an exhaustive amount of choices and variations for products.

The science is great (and important), but when it comes to buying supplements online, that’s really not what everyone wants (or needs).

Most consumers care more about the simplicity of browsing, getting just the right amount of information about a supplement to make an informed decision, and having a company that you can trust to actually make science based formulas instead of the latest “all-in-one kitchen sink” formula.

Equally important is how the company treats its customers. Many small upstarts have