Top Nootropics Blogs On The Internet Today

In recent years, nootropics have exploded in popularity across the world.

Society has become fast-paced and highly demanding, thanks in large part to predominantly knowledge-based workforce and ultra-competitive academic standards.

No wonder, people in all walks of life — students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, athletes and nearly every working professional individual — has sought out smart drugs and cognitive enhancers.

An array of online forums, communities, and various blogs have slowly gathered and shared information about nootropics. Through them, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of not only the mechanism of these drugs, but also our own brains.

Of these sites, a few stand out as a cut above the rest. We rounded them all up here – the most helpful blogs with information about nootropics and cognitive enhancement.

Here are our top 50 recommended nootropics blogs to follow this year.

Arranged in alphabetical order… 🙂 

Top Nootropics Blogs on the Internet Today

 Absorb Health

Absorb Health began in 2011 when Katrina, Josh Fulton’s wife, got sick. Josh began exhaustive research into natural methods that could mitigate and potentially cure this illness.

Posts We Loved: Vitamin E and Liver Disease, Chocolate - The New Performance Enhancer

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Art of Manliness

A blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. 

The Art of Manliness seeks to fill this void and offer an alternative to those who believe there’s more to being a man than expensive clothes and the hot babe of the month.

In all seriousness, the blog covers all sorts of men's improvements topics, including some great advice for guys who are just testing the waters with nootropics.

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Axon Labs was created in partnership with Smart Drug Smarts, the leading podcast on nootropics and cognitive enhancement. I've personally tried their NexGen stack and it's probably the best "racetam" stack available on the market today.

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A consumer resource for information about maintaining and improving cognitive and mental health based on the best available scientific research.

Posts We Loved: The Mental Health Benefits of Art are for Everyone, The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Brain Health

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BioHacker Labs

Biohacker labs is leading the new "DIY Biology" trend, where people take a DIY approach their health. Covering topics ranging from nootropics to immortality, BHL is a great site to visit if you're looking for new angles on old topics.