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Update April 2018: Shop is closed.

When you want to purchase and use new nootropic substances, there are usually several options to choose where you get it. Many physical venues exist, such as vitamin stores and homeopathic pharmacies. However, the majority of strictly-defined nootropics are distributed by sellers on the internet.

Many of these online sources offer competitive prices as well as detailed information and third-party purity assessments of their products. Among the great number of online businesses out there, however, few have impressed me as much as New Star Nootropics.

The Seller

New Star Nootropics (newstarnootropics.com) is a small company based in Tucson, Arizona that specializes in the sale of bulk chemical powders. The reason why I say “chemical powders” is because the group doesn’t at all advocate the human consumption of their products. While the intent for many of the substances is clear, they make a responsible choice by not crossing paths with organizations such the FDA by claiming they sell dietary supplements.

It is a very young enterprise, having only been selling for nearly two years. Their slogan proudly proclaims “Welcoming nootropic innovators since 2012”. In that short span of time, they have had huge success expanding into the cognitive market thanks to their unique product selection, professional packaging, and highly amicable customer support.

What Sets Them Apart?

Instead of trying to list up every potential nootropic supplement and sell pre-filled capsules, New Star has a marketing approach that appeals to both the scientist and the economical shopper. They specialize in providing bulk powder that is very high quality and making the extra effort to make sure it stays that way – from the shipping process to storage by the client.

New Star has been hailed as the place to go when looking for the most powerful cognitive supplements that are legal. They stock many of the rarer and elusive substances such as coluracetam and unifiram, both of which are practically impossible to locate elsewhere.

In addition to all of this, they have a knack for being exemplary on little things, such as shipping and even providing a handy micro measuring scoop with each purchase.

Laboratory-Grade Packaging

Another great characteristic well known to New Star’s customers is the company’s way of storing the nootropics they send out. Every chemical comes in a sturdy amber-tinted glass or plastic container, helping to ensure long shelf life of products by blocking out most wavelengths of visible light. Small quantities of powder come in nifty little vials, while bulk amounts go in jars.


The shipping service that New Star Nootropics provides is unprecedented in terms of speed compared to cost. They offer 2-3 day standard shipping for free to anywhere in the United States mainland, as well as a reasonable express next-day shipping for $13.65, for those who simply cannot wait an extra day!  To bring things into perspective, Amazon Prime offers 2-day shipping but you have to pay for the account privileges. New Star offers that speed of shipping for no extra cost.

Customer Service

New Star Nootropics already offers fine products and a solid distribution method, but what really tops everything off is their customer support. I’ve heard from various forum posts about how informative and reasonable their support staff was regarding their product. This was put to the test one day when I realized that some pramiracetam I ordered from them had a tan discoloration (it’s normally pure white). Pramiracetam is an expensive substance to buy, no matter where you get it. Naturally I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth, so I made an inquiry by sending an email to [email protected]. I included a picture of my glass vial and a little bit of the tan powder scooped out.

Within 12 hours, I had a response from one of their team members, bearing a friendly attitude and carrying a legitimate concern for my satisfaction. Without question, he had already sent out another vial of pramiracetam to my address. He explained that it was likely an uncommon issue with shipping, where the heat inside the container got too high and that the “brown” color was due to slight melting of the powder. Still, it was safe to take, and I got my second vial two days later. He even bothered to show me some information regarding the melting, which was assuring.

Besides this, all of their shipping boxes contain a nice metallic foil slip with a handwritten “Thank you” and smiley face. There was a real sense of humanity in the delivery.


In front of New Star’s operations lies a website gleaming with simplicity and minimalist aesthetics. There isn’t a single text field that is unnecessary for readers, and it’s incredibly easy to locate information. All of their unique products are rolled out in tabs on the top-center of the screen, subtly begging you to come purchase them. A little bit above that, lies all of the links regarding details such as shipping, site history, and even legal matters

When you select one of the products, you’re welcomed to an equally simple screen showing basic chemical information, different amounts you can purchase with prices and a download link for their third party purity testing.


New Star Nootropics really hits the sweet spot for a lot of reasons. They seem to understand that nootropics users want to be treated professionally, but also not be bombarded by useless information to make something look good. They can offer deals and products that are virtually unheard of elsewhere, and they always go the extra mile to make you feel respected and confident about your decision to buy from them. Kudos to everybody there, and you’ll definitely see me around!

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Sarah - April 22, 2016

Thanks for writing this article because I’ve only heard of another supplier and haven’t really been satisfied with their product. Shipping was fast but when it came to emailing customer service I received no response, despite spending $100 on their products. I’m definitely going to check out New Star Nootropics.

Would you be willing to write a comparison in price? Like everyone else I’m doing more work for less pay and life is hectic. It would be interesting to see how these companies stack up against one another.

– Sarah

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Sanjoy - November 6, 2017

I placed order with New Star Nootropics on 17th May 2017 with the following details, but it was not delivered.
There is no reply from them of my mails.

Order Confirmation
Your order number is 1254150832.
Great news! We have received your order.
Your order details are listed below – please take a moment to check them over for accuracy. Most orders placed on a weekday before 5 pm (Arizona time) will ship on the same day, so if you need to make any changes to your order please notify us as soon as possible by replying to this email.

→ Check the status of your order here

Order Details
Shipping Address:
Sanjoy Dubey

Item Quantity Price
40 grams Noopept & 1 scoop
1 $34.00
5 grams Pramiracetam
1 $9.80
Subtotal: $43.80
Shipping: $22.50
Order Total: $66.30

Gordon W Strachan - April 10, 2018

Can’t get on your site. My phone says security issues. Help.


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