Modafinil: Can You Get it in Turkey?

Modafinil seems to be positioning itself as the king of the smart drugs, no?

If you’ve done any research regarding nootropics and cognitive enhancers, there’s little doubt that you’ve come across the name of this prescription compound more than a few times.

It was developed to treat narcolepsy, but in recent years researchers have discovered that it is capable of much more, and users have been snatching it up left and right to use as a productivity-boosting supplement to great effect.

They say it’s better than Ritalin, Adderall, and many other traditional study drugs that came with a greater range of side effects, so the appeal certainly doesn’t seem farfetched.

What does seem weird, though, are some figures regarding its usage.

Most people who take Modafinil today aren’t doing it with a prescription, they’re taking it for the off-label benefits.

Yet, Modafinil still requires a prescription to use in many parts of the world, and physicians will only give prescriptions to treat sleep disorders in most cases.

See the confusion? How are all the supplemental users gaining access to Modafinil for personal use?

Can you just buy Modafinil in Turkey and go about your day? Seems unlikely, but we’re going to delve into the current understanding of Modafinil, along with the most likely sources you can procure from and alternatives to seek out if you can’t.

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Modafinil: A Closer Look

Let’s break the ice by covering some of the basics about Modafinil and what it can do. Modafinil is something called a eugeroic.

This means that it helps promote a state of wakefulness and combats feelings of tiredness and fatigue in those that take it.

It was developed in the 1970s but did not receive approval until decades later, coming to market under the Provigil brand and then being marketed to treat narcolepsy and similar sleep disorders.

We mentioned earlier that the treatment of sleep disorders is usually the only approved use that physicians will prescribe it for, but what about its secondary effects?

Modafinil is also a potent cognitive enhancer. Individuals who have taken Modafinil report that it can help increase their mental acuity and ability to perform complex tasks by augmenting their working memory, ramping up their ability to focus, and making them feel more motivated about whatever it is that they’re doing, even if it’s just busywork.

Modafinil is sold as a variety of brand and generic name pills, like the aforementioned Provigil, along with Alertec, Modalert, Modvigil, and several others.

These pills vary in strength but normally come in the 150-milligram or 200-milligram options.

Daily doses of Modafinil average around 200-milligrams for most people.

How Well Does the Drug Work?

Modafinil does work, but there is some information out there that would make you skeptical.

Periodically, you’ll see an article in a publication that discounts the positive effects that users have experienced or presents an opposite experience from someone who didn’t take to the drug well.

They might even try to use that to paint the picture that Modafinil is horrible and shouldn’t be used by anyone off-label.modafinil in turkey