Modafinil in Vietnam: Now For Sale

It’s hard to imagine the time before Modafinil reached its current superstar status. Nowadays, it is almost universally lauded by individuals looking for that edge.

Athletes have been using it as a performance enhancer.

Business people have been squeezing extra hours out of their days with it. Students have been using it to gain a leg up on tons of tedious university coursework.

Even professors are using it to grade the coursework that the students are turning in!

They’re reporting that Modafinil is helping with their mental acuity and helping them get into that “zone” where they can just flow through tasks and knock down work like there is no tomorrow.

This brings up an interesting question, though.

Modafinil, for the most part, is a prescription medication. It’s prescribed for sleeping disorders, not to help lecturers grade more papers. What gives?

How are so many people getting their hands on Modafinil for off-label personal use?

And, is there a way to buy Modafinil in Vietnam? You might already know that there are places where Modafinil is even more highly regulated, so is it even possible?

What would you turn to if you couldn’t get Modafinil?

Today we’re going to take a look at both questions, along with some general info about Modafinil itself to see if we can learn more.

Modafinil: The Leading Eurogic on the Market

Ok, let’s lay downs some simple facts first. Unfortunately, since it works so well as a cognitive booster, some have taken to exaggerate some of the claims about what Modafinil is.

It’s not a “super drug” or anything like that, but it does have some definite effects on the human body.

Modafinil is what is known as a eugeroic. This means that it promotes wakefulness in the people who take it.

If you’re sleepy, then take some Modafinil, you won’t feel as tired anymore and can get back to work if you need to.

This is without the complication of sleep debt. When using other stimulant compounds like amphetamines, you could suffer from rebound hypersomnia, where you become more tired when the drug wears off and your sleep is disrupted.

Not usually the case with Modafinil, meaning that one could take it when experiencing sleepiness, and when the drug wears off, they can fall asleep normally without an abnormally high level of tiredness that would occur from the earlier period of missed sleep.

So, it makes sense that this drug is prescribed to narcoleptics. It turns out, though, that they don’t make up a majority of the users.

The nootropic enthusiasts are drawn like moths to a flame because of Modafinil’s secondary effects. It can improve memory, improve reaction times, and generally make it easier to zero in on complex mental tasks and do them at peak levels.

In fact, the nootropic effect of Modafinil is so profound, that it has become a popular “go-pill” that is given by the military to fighter pilots. Since pilots are often tasked with long, tedious and extremely sensitive missions, militaries are always looking for a way to give their pilots an edge.

In the past, pilots were prescribed all sorts of uppers, downers and everything in between in order to provide them with the boost they needed to perform their job at a high level, even in adverse conditions. But, those medications often come with a slew of side effects. On the other hand, Modafinil doesn’t present nearly as many complications.

How Modafinil Works

There’s no single answer to this question. Researchers have discovered that Modafinil interacts with a great many systems within the human body.can you buy modafinil in vietnam

For example, it has some effect on the adrenergic system, the same one that controls adrenaline production and distribution.

That could be the source of its alertness boosting capabilities and the reason people feel so sharp after taking it.

The reactions it has with GABA and other brain chemicals could have something to do with its ability to stave off the urge to sleep. It inhibits the buildup of GABA, which is known to induce sleepiness.

Researchers freely admit that they aren’t sure if there are other ways in which Modafinil works, and say that through the study they might find out that there are other interactions it has in the body that help it boost performance.

By and large, though, Modafinil is effective at what it does and you can use it with predictable results most of the time.

To top it off, it comes with fewer drawbacks than most other options, amphetamines in particular.

Even though many physicians are wary about individuals procuring Modafinil for off-label use, it seems that it’s doing just fine in that arena as well, judging by the scores of people taking it.

Modafinil as a Nootropic

While research into this area isn’t as detailed or conclusive as it is for Modafinil’s on-label use, there’s still a good deal of science to back the claims that Modafinil is a powerful nootropic that can provide users with an uptick in productivity, focus, alertness, and mental acuity.

Most studies agree that when it comes to simple tasks or working memory, it does have a measurable effect on higher level functions such as decision making, planning, and cognition.

Most importantly, these studies have all concluded that these additional benefits of Modafinil come with a low incidence of side effects. The side effects that Modafinil did exhibit were limited mostly to small issues such as nausea or sleeplessness.

Is Modafinil Legal?

The laws on Modafinil vary the world over, so there’s no one answer. The general answer, though, is that most places allow for it if you have a prescription.

The first example, the United States. It’s a Schedule IV drug, meaning there is a recognized medical use and low likelihood of abuse. Modafinil is available via prescription under the brand name Provigil.

Once you have a prescription you can buy the drug within the U.S., or bring certain quantities from abroad, as long as you declare it and can show your medical need.

Without a prescription, obtaining the drug is more difficult. If you order from an online vendor, your package might come with no problems, or it could get intercepted.

Trek down south of the border from the United States, though, and you’ll probably find that Modafinil is easier to come by.

There are fewer import restrictions and your packages might even make it to you in record time.

In Vietnam, it is possible to obtain Modafinil. You just have to find the right online vendor and you’re set.

In past years, that may not have been the case. But, in recent years Vietnam’s drug policy has been relaxed, especially with regard to recreational drugs. For this reason, you’re able to obtain Modafinil with little effort in Vietnam. Best of all, you can do so legally.

How Do You Buy Modafinil In Vietnam?

And what do you know, online vendors abound that are willing to ship to Vietnam (see this page for a full list).can you buy modafinil in vietnam

They all source high-quality generics, offer multiple payment options, free shipping in some cases (along with refunds for lost orders), and maintain a good reputation among their client