What Are the Best Nootropics to Stack with Modafinil?

Have you made anyone smile today?

Today’s my birthday. I received a handmade card with a fascinating message on it. This is how it read:

“When we welcomed you into this world; it dawned on me that we are all born with the ability to smile. You always smiled for no reason. Happy birthday.”

That made me smile today. On such a special day, I have decided that I will do something different.

I will try making you smile. Because it’s contagious and if you are stressed up, you will feel much better.

It’s time to talk about Modafinil and the best nootropics to stack with it.

There are times you have felt under so much pressure that you wished sleep did not exist.

You wanted to work all day and night but you couldn’t.

You have a sleeping disorder, or you slept very well last night, but as you read this, you still feel sleepy.

Washing your face is not doing much to remove the weight on your eyelids.

Probably when you sit in a very comfortable chair either in the office or in a waiting area at the reception, you start feeling sleepy.

Don’t panic. It’s narcolepsy.

I fall into the first category. I remember having some writer’s block, and I was under so much pressure to deliver content.

I just reached out for some Modafinil. It was amazing.

No, fantastic is a better word. My writer’s block got cleared almost immediately and sprang into action.

I remember that day like it just happened yesterday.

Deep down, I wished that one day I could write about it. Well, here I am doing it.


How Modafinil works

Modafinil ensures that you don’t feel sleepy when you should not or do not want to. It ensures that stay awake, by working on some of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

So, how does it increase your alertness?

Once you take this smart drug, it will immediately increase histamine levels in the hypothalamus (this is where most of your hormones, chemicals, and other essential substances that control your organs are produced) in your brain.

This will, in turn, prevent several actions of this organ that transports dopamine.

It will also work on orexin neurons which in turn increase the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. It also causes an increase in the levels of histamine in tuberomammillary and histaminergic neurons.

Activation of these neurons is what makes you stay awake for long hours.

How to use Modafinil

  • Make sure that you read the medication guide that comes with the information sheet
  • You may ingest it by mouth with or without food
  • You should take it early in the morning unless your doctor instructs otherwise
  • If you are using it for sleep problems, take it before you start working
  • Once you miss any doses, take them as soon as you can, if you forget and remember that you missed a dose in the afternoon or early in the morning, skip that dose and proceed to the regular one
  • Avoid taking two doses at a go

As much as one may want to have more focus and lose sleep, getting an overdose is a normal reaction. Before you reach out for that extra tablet, remember that an overdose will:

  • Make you agitated or extremely excited
  • Make you lose sleep
  • Increase your blood pressure
  • Increase the rate of your heartbeat

AVOID using modafinil if,

  • You are allergic to its ingredients or Armodafinil
  • If you do develop rashes after taking Armodafinil or Modafinil
  • If you have a history of a particular heart valve of any other complications with your heart

This just a precaution to ensure that you are on the safe side with smart drugs.

You probably do not want to not only remain awake for longer hours or do away with the excessive sleep. Staying awake is just the beginning, I know you want more than just that.

How to stack Modafinil

Depending on your needs, coming up with the best modafinil stack that will meet and exceed your needs will largely depend on you. That’s why you need to keep reading on as I help you identify your needs, right?

If you are looking forward to getting the best from your brain regarding energy and focus, then Modafinil is a must have.

You also want this energy and focus coming in the company of being very creative and having a sharp memory.

The best stack for memory, focus, and creativity: Modafinil, plus

There is this task that you need to hack. Your creativity has reached the end of the tether. Your team is also drained, but you have a deadline to beat.


A break did not bring back your creativity as it has always been and right now, the distance between you and throwing in the towel is quickly narrowing. Don’t give up yet.

Remember, you have some modafinil, so adding intense stimulants to the stack is not necessary. Rather, supplement it with natural herbs and/or adaptogen nootropics, such as:

That will do some magic.

Well, it’s the end of a really stressful day, but you cannot turn down that dinner invite. Or you have a business meeting in the afternoon and your morning was not what you expected.

It had lots of pressure from your boss and clients, and you need to be in the best shape to meet these guys who may, after you convince them, decide to award your company that multibillion-dollar contract.

Well it’s stressing and here is the modafinil stack just or you:

Now that you know, nothing should hold you back from whatever you are set to do.

And from smiling too.

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