Is Absorb Health Legit?

Who is Absorb Your Health?

Absorb Health, otherwise known as Absorb Your Health, is a nootropic supplier with an uncertain reputation in the nootropics community.

The online nootropic community has spoken and they are satisfied but skeptical about this company and their practices.

Chances are, you have heard of them, if for no other reason than the fact that they rank high on Google’s search engine and are often included with other reputable vendors in articles about powder and supplement availability.

Here we will explore the evidence for and against them vis-a-vis other sites that sell nootropics.

What follows is a fair and balanced assessment of Absorb Health compiled in an effort to provide our readers with as much information about this outfit as is possible.

Quality Assurance

Absorb Health was founded in 2011 when, according to the company website, the owner’s wife fell ill.

Whether she had a serious life-threatening condition or a common head cold is hard to say. Having spoken with the owner, Josh Fulton, we do know that he commenced exhaustive research to find natural methods that would cure her.

What Fulton apparently realized was that natural products could be brought to market more affordably. Thus, Absorb Your Health was born as a response to a real-world crisis.

Their products are cheap, but are they high quality?

Absorb Health claims to obtain their ingredients from North America and other countries that have rigorous GMP standards.

Unlike many vendors in the nootropics space,  Absorb Health’s provides their customers with a certificate of analysis or a seal that promises the pro