Can I Use Modafinil For Depression? Dose and Prescription Information

You only have to watch the Olympics to understand what amazing physical feats the body is capable of.

These finely tuned and calibrated machines are superhumanly better at any event than an average Joe.

My personal favorite is the 100 meters. The first time I saw it for real was during the London 2012 Olympics.

One thing I can tell you is that they all look much smaller on TV! As the starting gun went off, these guys were off like a shot, seemingly gaining speed and momentum throughout the whole distance.

I started wondering ‘what if there was something that could help our mental strength reach Olympian status?’

I did my research and found out that there was something that could actually help my brain perform everyday tasks much quicker.

That is how I stumbled upon nootropics.

Depression Phase

Let me tell you about how a regular day progresses for me. Get up, brush, shower, eat and trudge off to work. Most of the day I feel listless and I don’t have that drive I had when I first got the job.

Sometimes I get needlessly anxious about a meeting that is about to happen or depressed because I have to put in extra work on account of a team mate not reporting in.

When I finally get back, I just crash in front of the TV, aimless and tired. Have a beer maybe and get supper ready. Eat and get to bed. And the next day, do all of this again. I was sad, depressed and not able to focus.

But one day I decided that this had to stop. I wasn’t living my life, I was just falling through time. And I hoped that nootropics had that key to a better life.


During one of my zombie modes in office, something interesting caught my eye when I was researching for stuff online. ‘Want to supercharge your brain?’

This is going to be bogus, my brain seemed to say. Little did I know that this would actually end up changing my life, changing everything!

Modafinil 200The link I clicked was from a site called Duckdose. I came across this odd-sounding drug, Modafinil. The more I read about it, the more it fascinated me. Hundreds of questions bounced around in my head. Is this real? Would this work? Will it cost me a fortune?

I decided then that I would continue reading at home. The rest of the day at office went painfully slow.

Soon as I got home, I impatiently booted up the computer and starting browsing. I found that Modafinil is a drug that promotes wakefulness and alertness.

The interesting fact was that there are benefits that a lot of people were writing about like increased responsiveness, memory retention, endurance to last a full 12 hour work day, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, I could use Modafinil for depression as well.

I wanted to learn more!

Modafinil Benefits

Modafinil is basically used for the treatment of narcolepsy. But it has several other benefits which are well-documented in all types of nootropic forums.

One of the most common things I heard was the ability to work through the day without any loss of drive or lag in performance. This would help me a great deal, because I was already bored from lack of mental stimulation.

Many people also have increased response to events, for example, in the case of a client call turning bad in a short notice. People were able to use this heightened awareness to resolve things amicably and prevent further damages.

One person used it to prepare a presentation for his company all through the night and present it the next day with no tiredness whatsoever! The more I read about this stuff the more I’m thinking this could be amazing!

Well, alright, I was sold on the idea. Now I was thinking where I could affordably (and legally) buy nootropics online. Preferably somewhere they could deliver it easily and quickly.

Where do I buy Modafinil

The first site I visited was Duckdose. The site was well laid out and made for easy reading. It also had clear info about everything that I’d wanted to know about nootropics, and they seemed to have good deals on them.