The 3 Best Focus Supplements in 2023

When I was a kid, I had severe ADHD. I struggled to focus in school, and could rarely remember things as simple as names of friends or even extended family.

As you could imagine, I was going through the worst part of my life. My parents mistook me to being irresponsible, but fortunately it was my girlfriend Kelly who figured out that I was suffering from some sort of memory loss problem.

Whether I was easily allowing the outside distractions to get the better of me or whether I was suffering from some sort of memory loss problem, neither of us knew for sure.

But things changed.

group of the best memory and focus supplements for concentrationAfter consulting with a neuro-biologist and following his advice for a month, I discovered a magical change in my life. My world turned upside down for the better.

Everything from my job to new friends to the way my parents treated me. It’s all because of these amazing brain supplements nootropics.

Lately, I rarely forget things. I multi-task effortlessly at home and office. I can chat on Whatsapp, upload photos on my website, and reply to emails – all without skipping a beat.

One of my favorite evening activities is cooking a full meal while talking on the phone with my girlfriend.

3 nootropics that sharpen your focus and attention

Surely you’ve heard about smart drugs on TV or the internet.

But, you see, there are thousands of them, and it can be hard to know what actually works for a specific problem and what doesn’t. After all, every product is equally advertised and promoted by manufacturers.

Now, I’m not going to waste your time talking about supplements that are a waste of money (many of which I tried with no positive results), and instead focus on the nootropics that actually work for concentration (based on my personal experience and Internet researches).

For your benefit, I’m listing out my top three supplements focus that help me get sh*t done at work and at home.=

1. Adrafinil

In my opinion, this is the best over-the-counter supplement for focus. I mix 10g of Adrafinil powder in water (sometimes with juice) and have it right after my breakfast.

I experience a mild energy-boost and sharp focus in an hour. With it, I’m able to complete my tasks faster and focus harder without being distracted by the constant interruptions around me. You too can try this smart drug for energy, focus, and motivation.

A few things to know about Adrafinil:

Adrafinil breaks down into Modafinil in the stomach.

I wondered – do both these drugs produce the same effect?

Out of personal preference, I stick to taking Adrafinil because it is more affordable and produces more consistent results at work.

However, I would like to add some words of caution from my personal experience:

  • Do not take it every day. I’d recommend using it 3-4 times a week depending on when you need it the most. That’s how I use it.
  • As in the case with most nootropics out there, avoid taking Adrafinil before bed time. I’ve used it a couple of times too late in the day and stayed awake all night. The effect is extremely good during the day though.
  • Do not combine this with other supplements that contain stimulants like Caffeine or Adderall. Adrafinil is a stimulant by itself.

2. Noopept

As someone who has used Noopept once a week for the last three years, I would say it’s one of the best supplements to increase focus in the nootropics family.

Almost every time I’ve used it, I’ve experienced an intense improvement in my logical thinking, learning ability, memory, and my cognitive performance on the whole. Probably, the increased blood flow to the brain is one of the primary reasons.

Noopept also helped with some lingering social anxiety and made me more comfortable meeting new people in new social situations.

I’ve had great experiences using it right before seminars and project presentations, and I recommend this drug for people managers who want to deliver better results in presentations and seminars.

One of the best things about Noopept: Noopept is 100-1000 times stronger than Piracetam. This means that you can get the same effect with a very small dosage of this powder to kick off your focus problems.

Other great things about this memory focus supplement: it gets metabolized faster (than other smart drugs) and it is safe with very little to no side effects or withdrawal problems. Also, it is a powerful antioxidant for the brain.


My words of advice:

  • Whatever daily dosage your doctor has recommended, take it in three equal parts everyday. For example, if your daily dosage is 30mg, take 10mg every six hours.
  • The best way to skip any possible side effect of this drug is to restrict your daily dosage to 30mg or less per day.

3. Phenibut

I use Phenibut to overcome problems like depression, anger (usually when I have a tiff with Kelly), and stress.

Overall, I would say, this is a great drug for relaxation. With the amount of work that you do in our professional life, it becomes absolutely necessary that you really enjoy peace of mind at home.

I don’t understand the chemical combination of this drug, though a bit of internet research shows that it has the same structure and effects as GABA.

Science aside, it definitely works for me. Sure it’s a great supplement to help concentrate, but also for overall energy and happiness.

A few other things you might be interested to know about Phenibut:

For me, it usually takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours for this drug to work, but believe me, when you start using this, whether it’s two hours or more, you will actually feel the effect when it starts working. It’s that good.

My words of advice:

  • A couple of times, I took Phenibut along with a couple of over-the-counter drugs for fever, but my doctor warned me against using it with other drugs. So, I would advise you to talk to your doctor before you stack Phenibut with other drugs.
  • Sometimes, Phenibut can cause sleepiness (sort of tiredness). Any single dosage beyond 2.30 grams could make you feel sleepy although it varies from person to person. That’s another reason why I say this is the pill to take for relaxation at home. Perhaps, in my opinion, it is the best relaxation supplement when you’re at home.


In closing, try one of these nootropics for focus and see how it works.

I use each of them for different parts of life:

  • Adrafinil for lots of intense, independent work
  • Noopept when I’m working in a group setting or in a meeting
  • Phenibut when I’m out with friends

Like most nootropics, these supplements sharpen your mental focus and work best without tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Good luck!

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Hello Dan,

I am a 50 year old single mother to two american kids residing in Kerala, India and i am happy i found corpina.com.

My kids, son aged 18 years and daughter 17 years have been battling with ADD since childhood,

My son justs refuses to study because has severe focus and memory problem and my daughter has focus problem and here in india its just so difficult to find good nootropics.

Next year my son would be leaving for the U.S of America and as such i want to start using nootropics instead of prescription drugs.

Would be really grateful if you could suggest some good Neuro-Biologist in New Jersey under whose guidance he could start taking nootropics.

Thanks in advance.

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