Best Ways To Improve Your Memory: Skills For Gamers

1Did you know that Korea’s Lee Jae Dong has earned close to $520,000 by doing what he loves? Yes, you’re looking at one of the greatest StarCraft players of all time. At 25, “The Legend Killer” has already made a fortune by playing video games – at the highest level.

Gaming is big not just for Lee Jae Dong but also for people like us, even if we are mere weekend warriors. The thrill and excitement is so immense that when you are hooked on to it, you don’t want to leave your house for hours.


What else can match that awesome moment when you shoot your opponent down and beam with excitement like you’ve shot your worst enemy in real life? For a number of reasons, the gaming experience itself, even if only for a few hours, is a whole buffet of real-life experience for entertainment-hungry gamers.

That said, fun isn’t the only thing with gaming. Every single action, from dragon punching to shooting to fireball-ing, is directly linked to improving your brain power too. We’ll discuss that a bit later.

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Gaming and Memory

It can be said that gaming and memory are two good friends that complement each other in several ways.

The virtual gaming world is where even the quietest (and gentlest) of people in real life turn into the baddest guys on the planet and dominate their opponents – side kicking, stomping, knee-dropping, and eventually destroying them. The good news though is, if you are a regular gamer, you can actually dominate in real life too. That’s what recent studies have revealed!

Here’s how:

Playing video games steers the neural communication in the brain, which is directly linked to vision, attention, and movement. In an experiment conducted among 20 gamers and non-gamers, it was concluded that the former had better cognitive abilities such as better visual selective attention, good control over thoughts, and enhanced memory than the latter.

Also, gamers were able to multi-task efficiently in activities such as writing a story and counting 1 to 200 backward. The reason? They used the ‘gaming approach’ in their real life situations too. Furthermore, there has been a whole series of studies suggesting that video games also helps improve the IQ levels of players. Actually, it does so by stimulating critical neurons and neurotransmitters in the brain that are related to problem-solving, reasoning and thinking. In turn, this amplifies the