Is Adrafinil Safe For Regular, Everyday Use?

If you’re thinking about adding Adrafinil to your daily stack, you’re probably wondering: is Adrafinil safe for everyday use?

In this article, I’ll take a look at what Adrafinil can do for you, and what it can do to you when you use it every day.

Though Modafinil is likely safe and effective to retain in your stack indefinitely, Adrafinil comes with an added burden on your liver, and isn’t as safe to dose daily—but I’ll give you all the information that we have so that you can make the decision for yourself.


Adrafinil is a wakefulness-promoting chemical that is a prodrug of Modafinil.

Like Modafinil, Adrafinil promises to keep you awake, focused, alert, and improve your memory during its duration. Adrafinil’s beneficial effects are nearly the sam