4 Uncommon Benefits of Taking Modafinil

Modafinil is the nootropic choice of ambitious students, entrepreneurs, and corporate hawks. It’s gaining more popularity to people; young and old.

Its impressive effects on productivity and learning are well-known. Because of this, attention on the drug continues to grow which reveals more of its life-optimizing benefits.

Healthy disclaimer: Modafinil won’t solve your problems for you. It only improves your brain ability in performing tasks and processing thoughts.

In this article, I will talk about four specific examples of Modafinil’s benefits.

1. Physical

Modafinil improves hand-eye coordination which is suitable for people who need to be on their top performance for long periods of time.

Chess players, golfers, billiards players, and poker players can benefit from this.

Modafinil reduces the perception of required effort to maintain a high level of output when performing multiple activities.

Sounds like magic for endurance athletes. No wonder the World’s Anti-doping Agency considers taking Modafinil to be a form of cheating.

When I was working around the clock in China as an intellectual property investigator and attorney, Modafinil allowed me to train for the Great Wall Marathon harder and faster. Talk about synergy.

Modafinil helped me exercise and exercise made me smarter.

Due to Modafinil’s performance-enhancing qualities on and off the field, I used the smart drug as a pre-workout supplement to fuel longer and more intense workouts.

Combined with its appetite suppressing effects, Modafinil is a godsend for those looking to balance their muscle-to-fat ratio.

It helped me reduce my body fat ratio by 3% and increase my maximum consecutive pull-ups by seven in one month.

2. Learning

Getting things done in China required special skills: high energy, high endurance, gritty stick-to-itiveness and most of all, fluent Mandarin.

Like most things, Mandarin and other language learning is hard. Most don’t stick with it or even try. New learners should be happy to know however, that acquisition is exponential (up to a conversational level) with the right habits in place.

Every 30-minute subway ride on the way to work served so many purposes. Credit to the extroversion-enabling Modafinil, I habitually optimized that half hour every day to chat with my neighbor (why do we call people strangers?).

And what did I learn?

Many things, like the political headline of the day, weather reports, hot stocks on the Shanghai exchange, but most of all new words to add to my Mandarin arsenal.

Drawing such associations greased my membranes for not just expedited language learning, but also new links in my personal network and actionable knowledge.

I was setting myself up for compounded learning as my day went on so that the energy gained from connecting with others fed later interactions.

Modafinil erased my fear of looking foolish speaking Chinese in public. The same fear can be felt in other situations as well.

3. Socializing

Solving intellectual property problems in China can be a never-ending battle. Both your health and social life can be at risk.

Modafinil came to the rescue though.

Imagine this: a warm Friday evening, friends pinging you, but there’s still two hours of emails for you in the office and you’re already visualizing ice cream and snoozing in bed. Fatigue kills not just motivation, but discipline as well.

Modafinil-fueled productivity boosts aren’t just for a supercharged career. Modafinil’s effects can also help in your social life.

Modafinil uplifts mood and facial expression and frames the mind to stay active which increases socialization. However, the fear of missing out starts to override your fear of not getting enough work done. Oh, the irony.

Can Modafinil help you be a better friend, or make new friends? We know that relationships function just as how much you invest in them.

I’m sure there isn’t a better way to optimize time than to invest in relationships. What better way to invest in relationships than to communicate better? Fortunately, Modafinil makes us better communicators.

On Modafinil, empathy is enhanced through calm, attentive listening where the processing of verbal and body language comes more natural.

Talking is more fluid. Relevant ideas become more readily available in the working memory. Increased relevance in information exchange leads to a better connection, my friend.

4. Sex

That’s right. Modafinil could potentially make you a better lover.

Dopamine and libido go hand-in-hand, and we now know that Modafinil increases dopamine levels. Anecdotal reports of Modafinil users also confirm Modafinil as a libidinal driver.

Harnessing this sexual, vital energy has unlimited power in our lives. Learning to channel this force throughout your day leads to the highest levels of life satisfaction. Unleashing it in the bedroom could give you a big confidence boost.

We know about the mental endurance, and we’ve talked about the physical endurance, but what is Modafinil’s best-kept secret? Well, sexual endurance for men.

Anxiety over sexual performance limits men in the bedroom, much more so than the size of your tool.

With Modafinil, say goodbye to premature ejaculation and hello to my little friend. Say hello to not just longer sessions of penetration, but higher quality penetration. Performance is no longer limited by the fear of blowing your load too early.

Girlfriends and wives, listen up.


The unknown benefits of Modafinil are endless so please leave your comments below or email the author with your stories and questions.

More unknown benefits of Modafinil to come, so stay tuned.


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I enjoyed reading everything on modafinil, can’t say I disagree with anything u said and appreciated the work you did. I’m new to nootropics but it’s helped me want to still be here a little longer, got to have my cordyceps and shiitake daily and noopept is nice on days I don’t take modafinil. Appreciate ur work and input. Wish they’d find one for loneliness lol maybe soon.


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