Inosine Supplements: Benefits and Side Effects

Everyone wants to take their workout to the next level. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do on your own.

I know from experience, every time I increased my routine even the slightest I was sore and ready to give up half-way into it. I’d do my best to push through, but the motivation just wasn’t there.

The Premium Inosine Capsules from Ultimate Nutrition were created to help enhance both athletic performances or simply getting through your demanding lifestyle.

Things to Consider Before Buying Inosine

Inosine and other performance enhancers are designed to tame muscle fatigue so you can go the extra distance you need.

Preliminary testing has shown Inosine has anti-inflammatory, neuro-restorative, immunomodulatory, and even cardio-protective properties. [1] While natural products may seem like the best route to take, laboratory-made chemicals such as Inosine can be more consistent. [4]

Although Inosine increases your motivation, it does not provide you with a ton of energy.

If you’re looking for a wave or burst of energy, you might want to try a pre-workout supplement instead.

Most of pre-workouts contain different stimulants (caffeine) and you might need to try a few to find one that works well for you.

If you can’t decide between a pre-workout and Inosine (I will tell you all about the benefits of Inosine just a little later) ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this supplement have a hard crash?
  • How often does the supplement need to be taken- once a day, twice, more?
  • Is it taken with food or on an empty stomach?
  • What are the common side effects associated with this supplement?

Inosine Supplements: Which To Buy?

Premium Inosine from Ultimate Nutrition

I think this is a great product. Ultimate Nutrition have formulated a quality supplement made with 500mg of pure Inosine. [2]

Once ingested the Inosine penetrates cell walls in the brain and nerve cells. [1] Synthetization of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate ) is promoted, which allows your muscles to contract as well as preventing muscle stiffness. [ 8, 9]

Pure Inosine facilitates the transport of oxygen from the blood to muscles resulting in faster recovery times. [12]

If you’re looking to up your game, Inosine might be able to help you. You may notice less tiredness and increased athletic performance when adding Inosine supplements into your daily routine. This might help you get strong, and going harder for longer. [5]


  • 500mg of pure hypoxanthine riboside
  • Zero stimulants
  • Faster recovery times
  • Increased rigorous activity, longer
  • Promotes blood flow


  • Only a 25-day supply
  • Needs taken twice daily an on empty stomach
  • Increased risk of kidney stones
  • Some users experience chest pains and shortness of breath [6]
  • Not vegetarian-friendly

Read on to find out more about some of those benefits. While some will be ideal for your lifestyle, others might not get you too excited.

1. High Purity and Potency

Laboratory made right here in the USA, with the highest purity and potency possible. You’ll get 500mg of pure Inosine (hypoxanthine riboside) with each easy to swallow capsule.

Although other Inosine supplements claim to have absorbency enhancers, Ultimate Nutrition focuses on giving you exactly what you want without fillers.

Some of the enhancers that other brands use can have adverse health effects. Be sure to do research on each ingredient that is in your supplements to ensure your optimal health and well-being.

Even though Inosine is stimulant free, it can give you somewhat of a boost. As this fast-acting Inosine supplement enters your system, it is turned into nutrients that provide your body with short bursts of energy. [3]

2. Longer Performance Times

Because Inosine helps to reduce muscle fatigue, you’ll be able to stay in the game longer. (1) Whether your lifting, going for a run, or just trying to get through a busy day, you can benefit from a longer performance time.

Pure Inosine supplements such as Ultimate Nutrition’s formula leaves your muscles feeling less stiff during and after rigorous exercise. [9]

By strength conditioning your muscles and intensifying your workout, you are in turn building more muscle mass. The longer you train, the more pressure you put on your muscles resulting in them breaking down and encouraging growth. [11]

3. Reduced Recovery Time

Inosine has the capability of increasing your blood circulation. [12]  This increased blood flow allows muscles to recover more rapidly so you can get back to your routine quicker.

When your rate of recovery is improved, it becomes possible to increase your training volumes. [10] Over time, you should notice an increase in lean muscle mass.

Ultimate Nutrition claims their Inosine f